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5.11 bail out

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Another Friday. Another 5.11 Tactical bag post. Not only do I have a thing for bags. they’re also easier to talk about. I’ve got two other good reasons for choosing today’s product. First, it’s name includes Bail Out Bag and it’s not our own this time. Second is the 20% Off Bags we’re bringing to you care of 5.11 Tactical.

I won’t call 5.11 Tactical stingy but you’ve probably seen plenty of our sale banners include the fine print “Excludes 5.11 Tactical.” They have their reasons but the point is, when they do allow us to offer a discount, you should act fast. The current banner makes it nice and clear – LIMITED TIME ONLY

5.11 Tactical Active Shooter BagSince we have an older description of this bag on our own item page I’m going to copy and past the full, updated description from 5.11 Tactical’s own website and we’ll go from there:

Built to provide active shooter teams with an always-ready solution for urgent operations, the 5.11 Tactical Bail Out gear bag is used by military and law enforcement agencies around the world.

The Bail Out Bag carries six standard size AR magazines double stacked in three front pockets, while a secure zip storage pouch provides ample space for optics, maps, or a sidearm.

Internal and external MOLLE / SlickStick™ web gear platforms allow modular expansion, an adjustable strap features a quick-release drop, and the entire bag is built from weather resistant 1050D nylon for lightweight reliability and protection against the elements

When it comes to a Bail Out Bag, that’s pretty much the long and short of it. Thrown the Active Shooter scenario and it makes sense that one major focus is providing you with plenty of space for additional rifle magazines. You might see it in the movies and on TV but rolling up on baddies armed with rifles when all you’ve got is your Glock isn’t too swift.

Laying close to the body, this Bail Out Bag provides users with easy access to all its compartments while still being compact enough to quickly deploy from a vehicle when seconds count. Because you’ll want it close at hand, the rear of the bag features padded aero mesh which you’ll appreciate should your scenario last longer than you’d like.

More recent reviews seem to indicate that on the interior, at least one side of the bag is still lined with loop platform which will allow you to add your own organizational pouches or perhaps a universal, Velcro holster for a handgun.

So, if you’re shopping Bail Out Bags or perhaps a range bag, give this 5.11 Tactical option a good hard look, browse the buyer reviews and enjoy 20% Off for a limited time.

5.11 Tactical Bail Out Bag