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a little short

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So, the Wednesday post this week was supposed to be reserved for today, Friday. I managed to mess up on the dates of our Wise Food sale that started last weekend so that post ended up being useless.

As such, I’m short one blog post according to my own posting plan. As such, here I am at 5:40 AM throwing some words on the page real quick. If you’re subscribed to our email notifications it won’t be much longer until you’re notified that the LAPG Memorial Day Sale 2014 is live.

As per the usual, visit our homepage¬†and the coupon code will be easy to find. If you’re down for some Condor Tactical Gear then your discount will hit 15% so it’s worth considering. Perhaps a chance to try some of their popular apparel offerings.

After that, if you don’t have anything specific in mind you could certainly check out our New to LA Police Gear Section. Warning though, it might be overwhelming. I’m amazed at the volume of brands still being added. If you’re into reloading or want to be, check out the RCBS brand, someone added a boatload. Not quite in stock but take a look and get your list going.

After that, enjoy your Memorial Day weekend and take at least a moment to remember the men and women who make the ultimate sacrifice to preserve out freedoms.