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Oh look another blog post about gloves – Yippee! The LAPG Facebook rep posted about em yesterday and it garnered a few likes and a single comment. Can’t say I blame our Facebook fans because I have a good number of companies Liked and many of them post more often than we do. Likes are easy but I usually take the two seconds to make a comment. Too bad there’s no credit for prolific commenters.

We’ve had some closeout deals on Mechanix Wear (gloves) that have been around for a while but the latest drop of closeout inventory is truly impressive. As mentioned in previous Mechanix posts the company is continually innovating and updating their glove models and as such they have leftovers. They’re also local to LAPG which hopefully garners a closer relationship and results in these sort of hookups.

Mechanix Glove Closeouts - LAPG ExclusiveI couldn’t help but preview and feature the most outlandish looking glove in the most recent batch of closeouts. It also happens to be the most expensive glove of the bunch at a whopping $24.99. It’s the Mechanix Wear Safety MPact2 Glove and just look at them. So crazy awesome.

Guarding the users hands with 360˚ of protection by means of visual and 3D molded and die cut protective panels was the design objective. Dorsal impact protection is achieved by means of several medium durometer THERMAL PLASTIC RESIN (TPR) panels and impact resistant EVA foam.

These gloves might be a little extreme for the average user but if you’re looking for the ultimate in protection then there’s no sense in skimping. 3M® reflective and safety RED indications on the top and palm areas increase awareness and conceal unique PORON® energy absorbing layers.

The preview images shows the Yellow/Red combo for the ultimate in visual impact. We’ve also got the Black/Grey version that’s pictured above. Both are available in all sizes from Small to 2XLarge. If you happen to wear the 2XLarge size then I’m already scared cause you must be one scary large dude.

I printed out the Glove Sizing Chart from the Mechanix website and it tells me I should wear a Small. I know I don’t have big hands but I was still skeptical. I put the Google to work and took the advice that suggested visiting Lowe’s in order to try on some gloves in person. I did so and found out that the Mediums fit nice and snug.

I can’t imagine I’d stuff my hand into a small. I could even fit a large with a little bunching in the palm area. I have no idea how hand size relates to height and weight but for general reference I am 5′ 8″ and weigh 135 lbs soaking wet. I’d say Large would be the ideal “go to” size but if you can try some on then I certainly recommend that.

We’ve got at least eight different Mechanix Glove varieties at ridiculous closeout prices including some cold weather gloves which are at the top of my list . I’ll probably end up going glove by glove and adding one of each  to my cart as long as my size is available.

I suggest you do the same because at an average price of $17.00 you can’t go wrong stocking up on gloves that will cover just about any possible user scenario.