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An Insider Secret: Gifts for Men

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Wherever in the spectrum of chaos your end-of-the-year events are, almost everyone would agree that having all your holiday gift shopping done long before the impending frantic last-minute dashes to the store is a pretty nice feeling. And if you’ve never had your holiday shopping done in advance, you are missing out on some of the truer luxuries in life: the feeling of momentary calm in the eye of the shopping spree storm.

But gifts are hard. Should it be a funny and useless gift? Something practical? Should it be obviously expensive or cheap and still thoughtful? Should everyone get the same gift from you or something special for each person? Should you go buy something or just succumb to gift cards?

I have a secret insider tip for you: Men like knives. If you have absolutely have no clue what to get your husband, your son, your relatives, your boyfriend, or various other fellow gentlemen, knives are always a safe bet. I realize that statement is overly generalized and sexist, but sometimes sounding insensitive is the cost of being accurate.

LA Police Gear carries almost 1000 knives, including hunting knives, fish cleaning knives, necklace daggers, boot knives, throwing knives, multi-tools, and good old-fashioned folding knives. In addition to being great gifts, knives also make easy gifts. A knife can be purchased at any time, kept for any number of years, and shipped with little hassle. With so many knives on the site, it is difficult to not find something for every man out there.

One of the most popular blades is the Gerber Military Tactical LMF II – Survival Knife, a fixed clip point blade from a popular knife company called Gerber. Looking for something premium? How about anything by Benchmade Knives? This company makes top-of-the-line blades that it will please just about anyone. Here at LA Police Gear, we recommend the 275 Adamas Folder Knife.




A few more honorable mentions go to some medium price range knives that are still high quality and are endorsed by hobbyists and enthusiasts alike: Cold Steel, CRKT, Ka-Bar, and SOG. If you are worried about not knowing anything about knives, anything from these companies are usually reliable.

To make your shopping easier, LA Police Gear has given the knives section a fresh coat of paint with a rework of the filtering system so that you can find what you are looking for in only a couple of clicks. You can narrow down the list of over 900 knives into just a handful by a specific brand, or a style of blade, making shopping for knives an efficient process. Sure, someone who works on a ship might be better off with a Wharncliffe blade and a game hunter might prefer a fixed clip point over a drop point folder, but in the end, though, it doesn’t really matter which one you gift, as no gift of a knife goes unappreciated.

Still not sure that a knife for a man in your life is an appropriate gift? I have personal connections to real-life men, who have made a few recommendations, which I will paraphrase below.

“I am man. Man like knife. Get man knife.”