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Are You Actually Ready for a Zombie Outbreak?

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It’s another special date on the calendar, and we are going to kick it off with another sale. This time around, we decided to help you prepare for the zombie apocalypse by putting together three sets of gear for three distinct roles come end of days.

A lot of the times when people discuss what they’ll do in the imminent zombie outbreak, they talk about the best places to hole up, and what kind of weapons are best for an apocalypse scenario. It’s rare to hear anyone talk about what they’ll wear.

“But who cares what you look like? You just need a shotgun and a lot of ammo, right?”

No, that is incorrect. It doesn’t matter if the world is on fire, or slowly rotting away one zombie at a time; you still need to look fabulous during an apocalypse. If you happen to go down fighting zombies, do you want to look like you died while shopping for frozen dinners in jeans and a shirt or do you want to die looking like an action figure in tactical gear? I think the correct answer is obvious.

Here’s how this sale works. Go visit our Zombie Hunter characters, and click on one of the characters. If you prefer to be the one who clears paths by breaking doors, walls, zombie faces, and other obstacles, you’re The Muscle. If you prefer to be in a more supportive role and help out your team from bleeding to death or turning into zombies themselves, you’re The Medic. If you prefer to be a mobile lookout or “that guy who’s always wearing camo” so that you can help your crew avoid large hordes of zombies or find the remaining few ice cream trucks in the city, you’re The Scout.

A lot of the gear on sale are also some of our favorite best sellers, so you can continue to use them as an everyday carry item long after you outlive the zombie apocalypse (thanks to our sale). Use the coupon code HW2014 at checkout on these items to get an additional 13% off!