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ATAC vacation

The ATAC™ A1 Tactical Flashlight is the best blend of compact design and low cost power source. At 4.2 inches long and fed by a single AA battery it’s hard to argue with that description. Only the “best” could be targeted at highly subjective. A weight of 3.1 ounces with the battery adds to the attraction factor.

It would seem that some of the previous gen ATAC line flashlights by 5.11 Tactical are being sent on their merry way. That vacation is more of a vacate the premises and make way for the new guys. It’s my favorite time to pounce. I’ll take the primo version of last years model at a nice discount in lieu of the shiny new thing.

5.11 Tactical ATAC A1 Torch Flashlight CLOSEOUTThe ATAC™ A1 Tactical Flashlight throws a brilliant 103 ANSI FL1 Lumens of light in a smooth tactical beam pattern while providing 50 minutes of runtime on (HIGH) and 28 hours of runtime on (LOW).

The tactical intelligent switch is designed to silently cycle through all 3 light modes (High/Low/Strobe) using only the Momentary-On function to prevent the “Click” sound. Can’t be clicking around like a fool letting errbody know where you’re hiding.

Our 5.11 Tactical Closeout section features a quartet of 5.11 Tactical ATAC Torch flashlights but I chose this one as the cheapest of the bunch. Again, care and feeding will also be the cheapest because it runs on a single AA battery. 50 min of runtime on high with the juice from an AA is certainly respectable.

If you crave more juice and more lumens then you can decide how you’d like to progress and “step up.” If you want to stick with AA batteries then chose the ATAC A2 Torch and jump to 162 Lumens on High. Should you prefer a CR123A battery in the same, compact form factor as the A1 then you’ll chose the ATAC L1 Torch putting out 173 lumens on high.

The better deal price wise however is the ATAC L2 Torch which is powered by a pair of CR123A batteries and featuring a high lumen output of 222. The L2 can also go the distance giving 4 hours of runtime on high.

Perhaps you want nothing to do with last years model no matter the discount. More power to you. Venture into our main 5.11 Tactical Flashlights section and check out all of the new goodies.

ATAC Parting Shot