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New Ugly Christmas Sweaters

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It’s that time of year again. The days are getting shorter, the holidays are rapidly approaching, and the new LAPG Ugly Christmas Sweaters have come in. This year, LA Police Gear is introducing 5 new Ugly Christmas Sweater designs, three of which are available right now and two styles that are still due to come...
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Urban Recon

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Over the years, LAPG has made quite a few different styles of pants. Some pairs have succeeded tremendously, while others may have made trips to the famous Closeout section. Even the pants that don’t last long are still successes to us though, as we learn from what worked and what didn’t and apply that to...
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A New Look

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To Our Loyal and Amazing Customers, LA Police Gear has long been an industry leader and pioneer. We continually strive to improve our business so that we can bring the best products to you at the best prices, while still offering unparalleled customer service and fast shipping. Our promise to you is that we will...
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Open to the Public

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Since the opening of our store in Santa Clarita, our presence in the community has grown significantly and that growth has introduced us to many new customers as well as questions. Our LE and Military customers can attest to the fact that we welcome them with open arms but one question that surprised us most...
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Free Benchmade

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If that beautiful eye candy above doesn’t get you a bit excited, we don’t know what will. That gorgeous knife is a Benchmade 950 Osbourne Rift Folding Knife, featuring a reverse tanto blade, AXIS locking mechanism, 154CM Stainless Steel Blade, and dual thumb studs. This knife is made even more awesome by the addition of...
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Tool Logic Credt Card Companion with Lens/Compass


Think Logically

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As mentioned in a previous post about multi-tools, you can’t use what you don’t have. Unless you plan ahead, chances are you’ll end up without the tools you need at the moment you need them most. It’s obvious you can’t take the rolling tool chest with you and that multi-tools can step in to fill...
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5.11 Tactical ATAC Series Flashlights


ATAC Flashlights

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I guess I’ve been taking 5.11 Tactical for granted. People know them and know their products so I haven’t been throwing their name around on the blog lately. Our “5.11 guy” is back from a vacational hiatus and has been instructed to get 5.11’s latest and greatest added to our website. Prior to his departure...
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Tactical Gear

3 to 5 Days

Assuming you’re in reasonable shape and in ideal conditions – that is, not in the heat or cold and not exerting, a human can probably live for about 3 to 5 days without any water. In hot conditions with no water, dehydration can set in within an hour. Someone who is physically overexerted in the heat...
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Tactical Gear

Energizer Tactical?

That’s right folks, the brand that keeps going and going and going has entered the tactical hardware market. Naturally they have come up with something that is powered by batteries, or a few things rather. One such product is the Energizer Hard Case Tactical Bravo Military Swivel Light: Nobody knows better than today’s Soldiers what it...
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Zak Tool ZT21 Alloy Steel Pocket Handcuff Key

Tactical Gear

The Little Guys

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Sometimes it’s the little things that count. They can also be overlooked. One brand that’s been on our site for a while now that hasn’t received mention is Zak Tool . Zak Tool designs and builds products with the needs of law enforcement and public safety in mind. Their high-quality tools and components are ONLY made...
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Bates Enforcer Ultra-Lites 8" Tactical Side Zip Boot 2261


Go away, Baten

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While we have featured a few of the boot brands we carry here on the blog, with such a huge selection of duty boots, work boots and other random footwear some of those brands were destined to be left out. We’ll probably get to them all eventually. Today’s brand is Bates Boots. Damn that’s a...
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