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Pipe Hitters Union Coin Gods Will

Cool Stuff

What is a Pipe Hitter?

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If you guessed that it’s another name for a pothead then you guessed wrong. The PHU brand does not cater to those members of society. Rather, a better definition is as follows: From the urban dictionary – “Someone or a group of people who are willing to go to the extreme in order to get...
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Apparel, Promotions

Marco Polo

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Now that the heat is on it makes sense to talk about polo shirts again. Namely the VertX Men’s Polo with coldblack technology. While dark colors like black and navy are the norm, anyone operating outside during the summer knows things can really heat up. Thankfully, the coldblack technology combats this problem with an additional...
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SOG Trident Folder Black TiNi


Need an assist?

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If so, SOG Knives have got you covered. In 2000, the company created an entirely new-patented concept (SOG Assisted Technology) that made it easier and faster to open a folding knife ambidextrously. While more common today, assisted opening knives often come with a higher price. For example, many of the lovely Benchmade knives we offer feature...
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Surefire G2L LED Flashlight Gen 1


Drop it like it’s hot

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And it sure is hot out there. Temps are up all over the nation. What’s going down though is some of the prices on our Surefire flashlight closeouts. Since our last huge shipment of G3 LEDs, C2, C3 and more we’ve got some new kids on the block. For the full monty, click HERE. One...
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MFT Engage AR15/M16 Pistol Grip with Interchangeable Straps

Tactical Gear

Get a grip – Hogue&Mission First Tactical

As of late, we have been working to expand our selection of firearm accessories and AR15 accessories. For many gun owners, customization to improve both the looks and function of the firearm is an integral part of the hobby. When it comes to rubber grips and rubber grip panels for pistols, Hogue Grips are an...
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Cold Steel GI Tanto


No nonsense, chop chop

Like tools, knives come in a variety of sizes, shapes and configurations so you can select the one to best suit the job at hand. Typically, for the heavy duty cutting and chopping duties, a fixed-blade knife is the right tool for the job. A not so recent trend is to make these utility, fixed-blade knives...
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Fenix TK15 Hunting Tactical Flashlight


If it’s free, it’s for me

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Or perhaps you prefer, “If it’s free, give me three.” Either way, it’s difficult to argue with free stuff. The more pessimistic bunch out there will stick to the the mantra that “Nothing is really free.” We beg to differ. For a limited time, with the purchase of any Fenix flashlight you’ll receive free batteries....
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GG&G Hood & Lens Cover for EOTech EXPS


Wrap it before you double tap it

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During the past sixteen years GG&G has become one of the world’s acknowledged leaders in the design and manufacture of civilian, law enforcement and military optical mounting systems and tactical weapon accessories. One item they’ve targeted for some love is the EOTech line of holographic sights. For quite some time they have offered lens covers...
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Tactical Gear, Watches

Luminox – Blackout

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We’re bringing this baby back for another look. There’s no denying the badassery of the Luminox blackout watches when it comes to appearance. This particular model is the Luminox Evo Navy Seal 3051.BO watch and is one of their most popular, best selling models. It takes more than looks to win over thousands of customers.What some...
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Hazard4 Launch iPad Mil-Spec Sleeve

Cool Stuff

Continued progress – Hazard4

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Since our first mention of the Hazard4 brand we have since added more of their interesting and innovative products to our website. Still, a continued staple of the line is the Hazard4 Launch Pad Mil-Spec Sleeve so we’ll mention it first. While it’s a beautiful and durable case in its own right, the Hazard4 Launch Pad...
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LA Police Gear Operator Tactical Pants


You’re invited

The pants party is officially on and you’re invited. We’ll try and keep things here on the old bloggy blog G Rated as it seems some of our viewers have been offended by the PG-13 material that happened to have graced their inboxes. Though for every complaint received rest assured there were 100 more happy...
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Uncle Mike's Briefcase with Hidden Holster

Bags, Tactical Gear

Long lost uncle

He’s the uncle you never knew you had. It’s Uncle Mike and he’s known for offering some of the best Law Enforcement duty gear around. Some of that gear includes equipment bags and their briefcase with hidden holster. It’s no use having a bunch of duty gear if you have no place to put it and...
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