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bag or case?

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You could make an argument for either but really it’s a little bit of both. It makes sense because the bag you choose to carry your laptop shouldn’t be light and pliable like a clothes bag might be. You want the carry ability of a bag that’s not over sized or bulky, but does afford the necessary protection for your expensive technology.

You’ll find these characteristics in the new(er) Maxpedition laptop bags. I wanted to focus on the Maxpedition Spatha Laptop Bag which was designed with 15 inch laptops in mind. I still have yet to own a “real” laptop (bought a cheap netbook a while back) but if and when I do I know it won’t be a 17 inch behemoth.

If do do own a monster laptop, Maxpedition did want you to be covered as well but your Maxpedtion Laptop case will be called the Tetsudo. Maxpedition was aware that the 17 inches can get hefty to they added backpack straps to provide another carry option. If you’re not fond of those, they can be tucked away.

No cord is left behind with Maxpedition® laptop bags, featuring padded protection for your laptop and checkpoint friendly designs that make traveling a breeze. The Spatha™ features organized pockets to give your electronics and gear a home and internal loop field for attaching Maxpedition Hook-&-Loop accessories. 

Your 15″ laptop is kept secure with interior security straps that adjust to help prevent loss. I think what they’re referencing here are  the 1 inch, adjustable retainer straps that were added to keep the bag from flopping open all the way when the main compartment is unzipped.This feature will allow you to unzip and yank your laptop out quickly say at the lovely TSA checkpoint at the airport.

Carry the Spatha by hand or by using the removable Tactical Shoulder Sling. The Spatha also has a rear luggage strap to conveniently stack onto rolling luggage, so you can easily keep up with your digital life on the go.

That rear luggage strap is designed to slide over the extended handle of your rolling luggage. Naturally we suggest you pair your new laptop bag with the Maxpedition Tactical Rolling Carry-On Luggage for the ultimate combination of tactical and stylish travel.

In addition to the padded spot for your laptop in the main compartment, there are slip pockets for organization one of which is large enough to hold a tablet or any paper documents you may need to bring along.

As expected there are also exterior pockets fully done up to help organize your other stuff (two of these pockets). The front right contains two slip pockets, 5-channel elastic loop organizer and removable key ring with 1″ quick release buckle.

Front left contains 2 wide slip pockets and 2 smaller slip pockets with hook and loop retention straps. This is where you can keep your phone, knives, flashlights, extra mags or all of those power cords, charging and USB cables.

Last but not least is the classic Maxpedtion CCW pocket that resides behind these two front pouches. You’ll know it’s there but anyone not in the know will remain clueless. So, if you don’t or can’t carry a handgun, it can be a stash spot for important documents or other goodies.

This user review from Richard of Atlanta, GA really sums it up:

I purchased the Maxpedition Spatha Laptop Case for my 15″ MacBook Pro Retina. The case works to perfection. It holds my computer securely and easily, has room for safe storage of a DVD drive, backup hard drive, and my iPad when I want it. It also holds all my cables, power cords, adapters, and an ergonomic stand for the computer. And it has plenty of room for future additions.

The construction is rock solid, the organization of pockets and compartments is intelligent and useful, and the Foliage Green color is discrete. All in all I couldn’t be more pleased, and I got great service from LA Police Gear as well.