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beast mode bag

Yesterday’s blog post had me trying to shrink product images in order to provide some semblance of “real life” accuracy. Today I’m stuck doing the opposite; shrinking 2000×2000 size images to blog-friendly stature.

We’re talking a 40 inch bag reduced to 700×700 pixels. Anyone got a 40 inch monitor? I know there’s people out there who use HD TVs as monitors so I guess they’d be in good shape. Anyway, I didn’t go looking for the biggest bag on the LAPG website but I may have found a challenger for that title.

CAMS 2.0 - Image 1I’m skipping the exterior shots of this beast because you can find those on our own item page. The page you’ll be looking for is the 5.11 Tactical  CAMS 2.0 Rolling Bag. This interor shot shows the included/removable dividers in place. They’re dividing up 40 inches of interior space x 15.5 inches x 15 inches. That’s 9300 cu in or 152 liters of space.

CAMS stands for “Carry All My Stuff” which is quite clever. Based on my level of stuff, this largest of the 5.11 Tactical rolling duffle bags might literally carry ALL my stuff. Your gear might be a different story but if you need more than what this bag can hold, you must have some extra serious business to attend to.

The 5.11 Tactical CAMS 2.0 bag was designed at waist height with a heavy duty drag handle for everyday use. The compartment is top loaded and has a light interior to increase visibility when packing and storing items. You can also see the MOLLE webbing which runs over loop material allowing you to attach a variety of pouches and/or organizers.

CAMS 2.0 - Image 25.11 did a nice job of providing a down and dirty load out example. Dirt on the gear and inside the bag would lead one to believe that they’re able to fit all of that stuff into the CAMS 2.0 and I’m confident that’s the case.

If you’re down and dirty a lot and less “urban” then take note that this bag also comes in 5.11 Tactical’s Sandstone color. A third choice is their slick Double Tap colorway which has the primary parts of the bag a nice “tactical grey” with black straps and accents.

CAMS 2.0 - Image 3Nope, they didn’t leave us hanging – it fits. In this shot you can also see the three zippered exterior pockets up front. On the rear are two zippered pockets that run the length of the bag. On the top flap which is hidden from view are two clear/TPU for keeping documents or itineraries in sight and close at hand.

On the bottom of the CAMS 2.0 bag sits a separate zippered tub with lockable zippers protecting the contents in your deployment bag. This lockable compartment securely and comfortably fits a 36” rifle case.

CAMS 2.0 - Image 4They proved that one as well, too bad the rifle case isn’t included. We’ve got them in stock though. Don’t have the creds to roll with a rifle? As mentioned in the video review I’ll post below, it would make a great spot to keep those fancy shirts and other dress clothes tidy and separate from the rest of your gear/clothing.

Speaking of adding rifle cases, this seems an apt time to mention that the current 20% 5.11 Tactical Bags promo expires today. It just so happened to be “5.11 Friday” which allowed me to combine my efforts. ACT FAST PEOPLE!


  • The ultimate operational or deployment bag
  • 40” x 15.5” x 15” / 9300 cu in / 152 liters
  • All weather efficiency
  • Document storage pockets
  • Dual self-retracting grab handles
  • Light colored interior for better visibility
  • MOLLE/SlickStick™ compatible interior
  • Adjustable inside loop-sided dividers
  • Business card holder & document pocket


  • Ultra-durable 1600 Denier nylon
  • Rugged corner guards
  • Name tape and flag holders
  • Lockable YKK® zippers
  • Reinforced, rigid ends and bottom
  • Scratch-resistant skids
  • Heavy duty oversized wheels