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Buck 110 Giveaway!

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You may have already known about this, but we are active on Instagram. We just started doing a series on EDC gear, and we’ve opened it with a Buck 110 giveaway. Click here to see how you can win this awesome folding knife.

Although this particular knife was designed with hunters in mind, you don’t need to be a hunter to appreciate the craftsmanship and utility of a sharp edge that you can safely carry in your pocket. Whether you are skinning a fresh game or opening a piece of mail, a good knife will go a long way. Some of you may carry a cool $5 thrift store knife that you’ve picked up years ago, and some of you may carry a top-of-the-line multi-tool to take on any job that may come your way. Either way, once you’ve carried a knife, it’s difficult to argue that it is not a useful tool.


Because everyone has different preferences, jobs, and surroundings, there is no cookie-cutter EDC kit that would be perfect for everyone, which is why it was so difficult for us to put this week’s series together. Nevertheless, we’re excited for this week because someone is going to win a fantastic folding knife at the end of the series, and because we want to hear your opinion on your favorite EDC gear. Come talk to us in the Facebook comments or on Instagram about stuff you think we should include in the next EDC series.

And while you’re at it, show us your EDC kit and tag us on Instagram @lapolicegear!