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Basically a Steal

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Every now and then, we find some great deals that some of our vendors offer to their distributors. Whether it be factory seconds apparel or overstock bags and packs, LA Police gear stocks thousands and thousands of closeout items. There are even sections dedicated to closeout pages, because we know how much you value both...
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Can Never Have Enough

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If you frequent the shooting range, you may own one or more ammo cans. And if you frequent the shooting range, you also know that there is no such thing as too much ammo, which means you can never have too many ammo cans. Guess what? We have ammo cans! Lots and lots of ammo...
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Manly Gifts for Valentine’s Day

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Contrary to what commercials and mass consumerism may have taught you, men also like expensive gifts that are good for absolutely nothing except for showing them off to his buddies. Luckily for all the ladies (and men) out there, we have some super awesome Valentine’s Day gifts you can get for your man that won’t...
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Zombie Hunter Bag

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It’s been a little over two years since we’ve announced the LAPG Zombie Hunter Bag, and we’ve decided to revisit it in order to shed some light on this serious bag with a goofy name. One of us here at LA Police Gear decided to pick it out as an EDC bag: At first, I...
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bag or case?

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You could make an argument for either but really it’s a little bit of both. It makes sense because the bag you choose to carry your laptop shouldn’t be light and pliable like a clothes bag might be. You want the carry ability of a bag that’s not over sized or bulky, but does afford...
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Condor Convoy Outdoor Pack


scaled down assault

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If you own a so called “3-Day Assault Pack” then you already know what you’ve gotten yourself into. If you don’t have one, I don’t mean anything bad by that. This style and size of pack seems to be rather popular. You might also hear them called 72 hour packs which I hope is pretty...
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the overstock fairy

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On track for another slow to no blog week but I felt compelled to throw at least on post up here while I inhale my first cup of early AM coffee. It looks like they email blasted those on the list so it may be old news. If you missed it, it won’t be. I...
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everything but

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Unless you’re some new kid on the block (called life) then you’ve likely heard the phrase “Everything but the kitchen sink.” Well, we’ve got one for you. Yes, a kitchen sink. What you should be looking at is 3/4 shot of the stylish and attractive Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack. In case you haven’t noticed something...
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survival, evasion, resistance and escape

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It’s about time for a little more Multicam MOLLE-gear lovin. I believe this will be only the second feature of one of our newer brands. The additional images I’m going to use aren’t of the Multicam version but you’ll get the idea. So, what do we have hear? If I had to guess I would...
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MaxP Zantha Thumb

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a Maxpedition first

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Let’s hear it for Maxpedition on a Monday. I’m doing my best not to give them all of the attention, but also don’t want to get too far behind on showing off their new stuff before even more new stuff is released. Today we talk about a first for Maxpedition as they have released a...
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Oakley Si Assault Glove Thumb

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Oakley Assault

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I’d like to report an assault. Oakley has managed to infiltrate the LAPG website. Long time shoppers might recall seeing the brand way back in the day. If so, that would have been over three years ago. In my brief stint at the LAPG offices I remember bringing up the brand for one reason or...
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MaxP Monsoon Thumb

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monsoon incoming

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Fear not, I don’t mean the weather phenomenon. Since I’m no meteorologist I would just be making it up anyway. When I see a Maxpedition Overstock product pop up on the website I do feel confident enough to bring it to your attention. The Maxpedition Monsoon Gearslinger was featured way back in 2011 as part of...
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