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Sunscreen Safety

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When you go outdoors for hiking, camping, hunting, or whatnot, you probably carry all the essentials for that trip: water, food, clothing, tools, and whatever else you could possibly need. What you take with you will largely depend on what you’re doing and where, so it’s nearly impossible to have one go-to kit for all...
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a Maxpedition first

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Let’s hear it for Maxpedition on a Monday. I’m doing my best not to give them all of the attention, but also don’t want to get too far behind on showing off their new stuff before even more new stuff is released. Today we talk about a first for Maxpedition as they have released a...
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Camping Gear, Survival Gear

heat those sheets

A while back I admitted to being on a “survival kick” as I was posting up a lot of camping, prepping and survival gear. Since then it’s been more of a gradual constant and the need to be prepared and plan ahead is also constant. I’m not predicting any crazy apocalypse and I’m starting to...
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Camping Gear, Survival Gear

smell ya later

A little humor to start off an otherwise serious and potentially stinky subject – personal hygiene. Even with modern conveniences, some folks tend to have questionable hygiene practices. Do you shower everyday? Before bed or when you wake up? I’d like to think I know when I stink but you know what they say, you...
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Camping Gear

stir the pot

Frigid winter weather aside, my excuse list for not having gone camping in a long while is rather short. I’ve never been a camper and thus lack much of the essential equipment. Not looking for anything too extreme like long distance backpacking but think I’m overdue for a calm visit with mother nature. One thing...
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PT Pod

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Skipped yesterday’s self-mandated PT session and boy do I feel bad about it. Having a somewhat physical job I can almost convince myself it’s a workout but I know it’s just not the same. I think the best course of action will be to jam though a quick WOD before work. Even without A/C, an...
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cast the net

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So I went to the list I mentioned yesterday. Couldn’t help it. Limited time today and a strong urge for a nap are both nagging at me. This is more of an intro of the brand with a little sample of a product (maybe two) that fall sunder their net of products. I use the...
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not for turkey

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Caught some brief chatter from a History Channel program recently regarding the first settlers and documentation of the first Thanksgiving. Evidently there’s really no evidence indicating the turkey was even served. Still, it remains a staple of the holiday and I must admit there’s on in our fridge right now. My previous turkey carving observation...
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Camping Gear, Survival Gear

Light My Fire

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Originally developed for the Swedish Department of Defense, Swedish FireSteel® fire starter is a flash of genius. Its 3,000°C (5400°F) spark makes fire building easy in any weather, at any altitude. Used by a number of armies around the world, Swedish FireSteel’s dependability has already made it a favorite of survival experts, hunters, fishermen, and...
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The Siege

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Just yesterday I was staring at a case (cardboard box) full of D batteries and thought to myself, “Who still uses these things and what devices still take them?” Well aside from the obvious D-Cell Maglite flashlights still lurking out there I’d be hard pressed to think of something else. Today I got my answer in...
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a tough companion

I know I’ve mentioned the Becker Knife & Tool line before it doesn’t appear any of their knives have been featured here on the blog. They are some serious tools and it’s nice to be able to say they’re Made in the USA. Becker falls under the Ka-Bar umbrella of knives some of which we...
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Camping Gear

Celebrate Independence

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It would seem I neglected to make a formal Independence Day posting last year. I’d like to think we celebrate it every day around here by being able to write freely and speak out about the absurd legislation gun owners have been battling lately. I appreciate every chance I get to hit the shooting range...
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