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Basically a Steal

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Every now and then, we find some great deals that some of our vendors offer to their distributors. Whether it be factory seconds apparel or overstock bags and packs, LA Police gear stocks thousands and thousands of closeout items. There are even sections dedicated to closeout pages, because we know how much you value both...
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Let’s Talk Performance Shirts

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If you’re a runner, but are like me, someone who has bad knees from a past sports injury, then you run on a treadmill at your local gym. You’re trapped in a public toilet stall-sized space with a moving floor for what seems like forever, staring off into space or a train wreck of “reality”...
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the overstock fairy

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On track for another slow to no blog week but I felt compelled to throw at least on post up here while I inhale my first cup of early AM coffee. It looks like they email blasted those on the list so it may be old news. If you missed it, it won’t be. I...
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Oakley Ducati Thumb

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Ducati Signature Series

Now that Oakely is back in nearly full effect it seems they’ve already hooked us up with a Closeout offering we can pass on to you. I have a dumb head so I look like a dope in Oakley Fuel Cell Sunglasses. If you can pull them off, they’re a truly badass-looking pair of shades....
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Rocky Softshell Thumb

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Rocky softshell

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Welcome to the Thursday post. Assuming you stop by the blog everyday, I do more assuming and guess that by Thursday your interest is waning. If you’re not here often then I’ll simply advise that I usually save my “better content” for Monday, Wed, Friday. These choices are mostly based on how I feel about...
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20 Dollar Bill Thumb

Closeouts, Gloves

one Jackson

Not a whole lot you can get for $20 these days. I’m not talking your daily fix items like coffee, cigarettes, dip, gum, energy drinks or the like. What I mean is something that’s going to last and that you’ll get some serious use out of. Maybe all the little Gerber gear I’ve been talking...
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OTB Bushmaster Thumb

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the next boot deal

I’m no Nostradamus but I’ve got a good feeling about one of our latest closeout boot deals. I believe they were on the list of our Black Friday 2013 deals and that may have set the hook. Not that we’re trying to catch anyone off guard but hopefully the word is starting to get out....
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EFA Trauma Kit #1

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elite discounts

So our 12 Days of Xmas promotion is in full swing as we’ve hit day nine. I haven’t posted each daily deal here because that would be too easy. I gave the heads up here on the second day and I chose to post about the day nine deal because it’s truly elite. Yesterday I...
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Massif ITJ Thumb

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Integrated Tactical Jacket

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Pretty standard preview image with what I consider a slick product name which is why I chose it for the blog title – Integrated Tactical Jacket. The only mystery at this point is who makes it. That is unless you’ve already shopped our closeout section or are an avid reader of our blog. Full disclosure...
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Mechanix Mpac2 Thumb

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a real handful

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Oh look another blog post about gloves – Yippee! The LAPG Facebook rep posted about em yesterday and it garnered a few likes and a single comment. Can’t say I blame our Facebook fans because I have a good number of companies Liked and many of them post more often than we do. Likes are...
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SOG Rescue Thumb

Closeouts, Knives

SOG to the rescue

SOG to the rescue might be a bit overly dramatic. Call it a play on words. I had been waiting for a new SOG product or an some excuse to bring up the brand because everyone’s favorite YouTuber Nutnfancy sat down with the founder of SOG and posted it on his channel. Some of the...
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511 ATAC A1 Thumb

Closeouts, Flashlights

ATAC vacation

The ATAC™ A1 Tactical Flashlight is the best blend of compact design and low cost power source. At 4.2 inches long and fed by a single AA battery it’s hard to argue with that description. Only the “best” could be targeted at highly subjective. A weight of 3.1 ounces with the battery adds to the...
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