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Polo Performance

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BLACKHAWK is a big brand and as such, they’re constantly revising products, introducing new ones and phasing out the old. With such an array of gear I’m often guilty of skipping over them when looking for products to talk about on the blog. One category that makes it easy to stop and stare is the...
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That’s special

Is it time for new boots yet? Perhaps you just need an excuse to try some new ones. If ever you’re in the wanting mood, 5.11 Tactical can probably satisfy that need. We’re talking gear and clothing people, keep it clean will ya? The All Terrain All Condition or ATAC boot is a LAPG fan...
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Hi-Tec Deals

If you kept up with our Closeouts last year (yes there are many) then you likely came across some of the best deals around on some Hi-Tech clothing of the outerwear variety. The stock was impressive but now, it’s long gone. What isn’t gone however is the need for a good pair of shoes. This is especially...
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Rolling out with 5.11

Products come and products go. Some are phased out but those that are successful are often revised to make them even better. In a competitive, tactical gear market it pays to stay fresh and no one knows that better than the crew over at 5.11 Tactical. Now’s your chance to own a piece of 5.11...
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BH Grid Fleece Thumb

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Warrior on a budget

If you’ve browsed our main closeout section within the last few months you’ve likely scrolled past or clicked on some Blackhawk Apparel including a polo shirt or two, some pants and maybe the good old 1700 Shirt. Well come this month, there’s a cleanup on isle Blackhawk with plenty more Warrior Wear for you to choose from....
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Ares Armor Huskey Amentum Slider Sling

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Back in black

I was brainstorming thoughts for this post as I was falling asleep last night so it may be fractured, but rest assured it will get to the point.  We’re talking again about the brand from Oceanside, CA known as Ares Armor. They’re a relatively new player to the game and would still be considered a...
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MaxP Operator Tactical Attache

Almost made it a full week without talking about Maxpedition but here we are again. Sometimes their own product descriptions can be lacking but they do try to list the main features of their products with hints on what particular use you might get out of each one. When they run out of things to...
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Tool Logic Thumb

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Closeout Knives

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Closeout Knives sounds pretty straightforward. Not every category of gear gets its own closeout section, that would just get out of hand. It’s difficult not to love knives and the wide array of brands and styles to choose from means there’s something for everyone. As a simple disclaimer, that $4.99 might not always hold true. So what...
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Do not hesitate!

Don’t be like me. When you love tactical gear, working for LAPG can be hard on the paycheck. One thing we’re well known for is sweet closeout deals. One such deal I did manage to get in on is the Magnum Interceptor 8.0 Side Zip Boot Closeout. They have worked great for my needs and...
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LAPG Molle Elite Tactical Christmas Stocking

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Tactically Stocked

Less than two weeks until Christmas? Hard to believe but once Thanksgiving hits, time flies. I kept telling myself I was jumping the gun posting about the LA Police Gear Molle Elite Tactical Christmas Stocking and now I’ve almost waited too long.When I was young, I remember some homemade stockings but none as cool as these....
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Hey little guy

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Look at it, so majestic. Naturally we have to urge you not to use your Fenix PD10 flashlight as a toy boat. What is the IPX-8 standard anyway? Some say it indicates: – Water-tight under immersion for 30 minutes under 2.6 meters (8 feet) of water. If you take the time to “Google it” you might get...
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Blackhawk Warrior Wear Tactical Long Sleeve Shirt

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Budget Warrior Wear

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If you’ve been wanting to get your hands on some Blackhawk Warrior Wear Apparel you’ve made a wise choice. Not too long ago we featured some of their latest and greatest pants including the Light Weight Tactical Pants featuring water repellent fabric. They’re currently available for the great price of $39.99 and for a limited time you’ll...
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