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One for the ladies

The good thing about tactical gear is that it cares not what your gender is. If you’re a female that’s into guns, knives, flashlights, multi-tools, edc, bags, backpacks etc. then more power to you, have at at it!. Where things get a little more tricky is with apparel. We’re not saying you can’t wear the...
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Magnum Elite Spider 8.0 Tactical Boot

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Magnum boots, minimum budget

We’ve previously mentioned Magnum Boots when their free sock deal was going on. Well the free socks are gone but you’ll still get Free Ground Shipping on the regularly priced boots. Always some deal to be had. The boots coming up in this blog entry are NOT going to qualify for free shipping. Bummer. No,...
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Two eyes open

Sounds pretty basic right? You’ve got two eyes and unless you’re doing something funky, you’ve usually got both of them open. What about when you shoot? Many of us are used to shooting with one eye closed, perhaps it’s all you’re used to. Well, it’s time to evolve! Shooting with both eyes open offers several...
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Too many knives?

We do our best to mix up the brand categories here on the blog but I guess we’ve just been feeling stabby lately. Today we’re going to remind you about the SOG Knives & Tools OVERSTOCK. The initial list was small and you may not have checked out the section recently. It has grown. If...
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HI-TEC Sand Creek Shell Jacket

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Water from the sky!

It looks like our Southern California forecast was accurate because it’s actually raining today. Again, not the most noteworthy occurrence in other parts of the country. On the other hand, it looks like a number of other regions are still enjoying some warmer weather this October. We will certainly take advantage of our small change in the weather...
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