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What’s in your EDC First Aid Kit?

This past weekend, I’ve have the (mis)fortune of using my EDC first aid kit, which is just a simple $10 pouch for minor scrapes and burns. I have never needed to use a first aid kit outside the confines of treating small paper cuts and other terrifying but usually harmless injuries. Still, given the nature...
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Stretch, Wrap, and Tuck

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Hopefully the preview image gives you some hint as to what Stretch,Wrap and Tuck is referring to. Long story short, it’s probably the most affordable tourniquet out there and if all else fails it can be used as an effective pressure dressing. Because I haven’t used one I can’t attest to said effectiveness and make...
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wider is better

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Remember those silly commercials? If not, oh well. Wider cars, wider tires, wider who knows what else. I’m sure you could start a debate about any of that stuff. In the world of tourniquets, one of the top suppliers decided they agree with the sentiment. I’ll go ahead and pimp a previous blog post which...
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because we like you

We’re here to kick off your Monday morning with a double whammy. Why? Because we like you. The first whammy is an act fast whammy while the second is one you’ll love long time. You probably saw our preview image on the way to this post. If not, it features the red cross symbol that...
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EMT Lite

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Not here to talk about an EMT on a diet but a popular pouch we’ve pontificated about in the past has been released in a more streamlined version. Some might call it more practical but it simply depends on your individual needs. The bigger brother is the Condor MA41 Rip-Away EMT Pouch and was discussed...
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QuikClot quick stop

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After a brief hiatus from my day job (a faux vacation) it’s back to the grind this morning. As such, this will be one of my crank it out before heading out posts. Not every post should be a novel anyway, because ain’t nobody got time fo dat. How about some quick, QuikClot talk? It’s...
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Leatherman Raptor

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If you’re like me you get excited about anything with Raptor attached to the name. Jurassic Park was one of the primo movies of my childhood and displayed just how badass a Velociraptor was. Sure, T-Rex is the man cause he’s a big mofo but he has tiny arms and can’t see you if you’re...
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The Israeli Bandage

He might not know he’s from Israel or originated there but “Israeli Bandage” seems to be the most commonly used name for this particular dressing and if you bring it up by that name, most people with any tactical, first aid knowledge will know what you’re talking about. A more descriptive name would be Israeli...
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Other side towards wound

Simplicity is much appreciated in an emergency situation. This is especially true if one has received minimal training or hasn’t had a lot of opportunity to employ the skills they have learned. Call this a follow up to our post from about a month ago called “Tourniquet Talk.” In this case however, the medical product...
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First Aid

Tourniquet Talk

Call this a delayed reaction to information gleaned shortly after the recent marathon bombing in Boston. Whenever something terrible like this occurs, one of the best things we can do is learn from it. In the years since 9/11 we have learned that American’s are a tough bunch and we refuse to let the acts of a...
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a duh moment

It’s fitting that Friday’s blog post was about knives. The same day I wrote it, a friend of mine suffered a knife injury. Don’t worry, it wasn’t a bar fight brawl or a back alley beat down, more like a kitchen nightmare. He was slicing some jalapenos for some chili and the tip of his...
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It’s happening again, I’ve been swindled into going camping. Why does it always have to be winter when this happens? On the bright side, because I like to look there, it’s going to be in Arizona this time. Probably one of the warmest places to be during the winter aside form America’s wang AKA Florida....
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