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As you drift to sleep, you feel a bit lightheaded as a wave of movement shoots across the bed. Your body stiffens, trying to see if you had just imagined the tremor. Nothing. As you try to relax back to falling asleep, another tremor sweeps across the room, stronger this time. It shakes your dresser,...
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Resqme Keychain Car Escape Tool

Survival Gear

Resqme Car Escape Tool

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Another tool in your toolbox. That’s more of a figurative saying than literal in most cases. If you decide to pick up a Resqme Keychain Car Escape Tool then that will certainly be the case.  The creators of said tool call it a “Must-Have for all motorists.” Clearly they want to sell as many as they...
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SOL Heatsheets Thumb

Camping Gear, Survival Gear

heat those sheets

A while back I admitted to being on a “survival kick” as I was posting up a lot of camping, prepping and survival gear. Since then it’s been more of a gradual constant and the need to be prepared and plan ahead is also constant. I’m not predicting any crazy apocalypse and I’m starting to...
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United Spirit D-Day Thumb

Camping Gear, Survival Gear

smell ya later

A little humor to start off an otherwise serious and potentially stinky subject – personal hygiene. Even with modern conveniences, some folks tend to have questionable hygiene practices. Do you shower everyday? Before bed or when you wake up? I’d like to think I know when I stink but you know what they say, you...
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McNett Logo Thumb

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cast the net

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So I went to the list I mentioned yesterday. Couldn’t help it. Limited time today and a strong urge for a nap are both nagging at me. This is more of an intro of the brand with a little sample of a product (maybe two) that fall sunder their net of products. I use the...
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Gerber Bolo Thumb

Camping Gear, Knives, Survival Gear

not for turkey

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Caught some brief chatter from a History Channel program recently regarding the first settlers and documentation of the first Thanksgiving. Evidently there’s really no evidence indicating the turkey was even served. Still, it remains a staple of the holiday and I must admit there’s on in our fridge right now. My previous turkey carving observation...
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Light My Fire Thumb

Camping Gear, Survival Gear

Light My Fire

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Originally developed for the Swedish Department of Defense, Swedish FireSteel® fire starter is a flash of genius. Its 3,000°C (5400°F) spark makes fire building easy in any weather, at any altitude. Used by a number of armies around the world, Swedish FireSteel’s dependability has already made it a favorite of survival experts, hunters, fishermen, and...
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Dog Tag Knife Thumb

Knives, Survival Gear

novel or novelty?

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I’m leaning towards the latter but it will ultimately be up to you to decide. At the very least, the product that is the topic for today’s post would make a rather unique gift idea that won’t break the bank. The Dog Tag Survival Knife is a multi-functional tool perfect for the outdoor enthusiast. You...
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Gerber Bullrush Thumb

Cool Stuff, Survival Gear, Tactical Gear

the Bullrush

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Here we are at Monday again. Had to be at work earlier than usual Friday so that day’s post was written on Thursday. As such it feels like I’ve been away from the blog for a while. With an everyday, no days off sort of schedule Monday isn’t all that big a deal. Still it...
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Wise Food 52 Thumb

Camping Gear, Promotions, Survival Gear

a Wise move

If you’ve read about Wise Food here before and you still don’t have any then shame on you. We’ve been talking about it for a good while now and since we started, the lineup has expanded along the way. We’ve also been offering free UPS Ground shipping on Wise Food orders over $75 for another...
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MaxP Thermite Thumb

Bags, Survival Gear


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I don’t imagine MaxP is an official or preferred way to refer to the Maxpedition brand but when you’re writing about their gear, typing Maxpedition over and over becomes a task of its own. The first step is adding it to the “Dictionary” of whatever program you’re using so you’ll actually know when you’ve spelled...
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NDuR Canteen Thumb

Camping Gear, Survival Gear

mean, green canteen

Olive Green or OD Green. Ok got it. But how is it mean? Well it isn’t scary or intimidating unless you’re a microscopic virus or bacteria floating around in some water. That’s when it gets mean. When you’re travelling in areas where water quality is suspect, the unique, NDuR 38oz Pull Top Canteen water filtration bottle makes...
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