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EMA Tactical Weapon Accessories

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EMA Tactical claims to be the world leader in the development of superior advanced arms accessories. Their products are specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands required worldwide by armed forces, law enforcement units and weapon professionals. Their tactical bipods are particularly cool with legs that can be adjusted independently. The new design allows the legs to be mounted higher...
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Cool Stuff, Tactical Gear

Missing the range time

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Many of us shooting enthusiasts would likely admit that we don’t get as much range time as we would like. One of our local ranges has started offering extended hours during the weekend and even then it’s difficult to get out there. Owning the handgun or rifle seems to be the easy part. Next comes...
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You only get two

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Two eyes that is. As such, it only makes sense that you would do your best to keep them protected in potentially dangerous situations. For the average civilian this probably only happens while at the shooting range. No one expects to get shrapnel in the eye and this is evident by the variety of eyewear...
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We have yet to feature a solo Blackhawk product on the blog as it’s a brand name that stands for itself. Today however I must share one of their more low profile products.  I came across it after browsing our site looking for AR15 magazine pouches and realizing that while we sell a ton of...
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In an effort to bring you up to date on some of the latest and greatest products at LAPG we have neglected to mention one of our most OG products: The LA Police Gear, Inc. Bail Out Bag. It’s so OG in fact that I think one of product pictures includes a Motorola pager in...
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Take a tactical carbine course if you have the time and the means. I’m talking to the AR15 owners. Bench shooting is great because it’s the easiest way to make use of your rifle. To get the most out of it and have the most fun you’ve got to get mobile. In order to do...
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Watch yourself now

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I’ve never been a “watch guy” and to be quite honest, I’ve given them some flack in the past. What do I need a watch for if my cellphone has the time on it? I still use that little dig sometimes to get a rise out of “watch guys.” Truth be told, there’s nothing wrong...
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A-TACS Advanced Tactical Concealment System

A-TACS was developed by Digtal Concealment Systems, (DCS) to answer the call for better and more effective camouflage system integration for duty personnel in any service branch from military to law enforcement. A-TACS is designed as a universal pattern for a wide range of operational environments with additional supporting color and design variants to follow....
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Catch a case

A pistol case that is. I should have thrown this one in when I talked about the LA Police Gear 3 Day Packpack. Take a look at the LAPG Pistol Case. This closed cell foam padded case is the epitome of the KISS way of thinking. It has everything you need and nothing you don’t....
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No Strike Outs

One of our recent blogs talked about the super broad, very general topic of weapon accessories. I think we also mentioned that we knew someone who bought and quickly modified a Remington 870 shotgun. Well now we know another someone who is compiling parts to build their own AR15 rifle. Actually, this will be easier...
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Always Strapped

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I’m not sure if it was a recent trend, but a while back  a family member was making keychains and bracelets out of paracord. I never ended up with any of them but the strength of the paracord made it obvious that those items were going to hold up. Evidently a small, family-run company in Florida named...
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Be sure of your target

If you’ve done any shooting especially as part of a formal firearms training course you’ll recognize “Be sure of your target” or something close to it as being one of the main firearms safety rules. Before you shoot you should know what is around and behind your intended target whether it be on the range...
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