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Hazard 4 – progressive tactical

The brand name Hazard 4 is derived from the standard classification index of threats: ‘1’ being low, through ‘2 & 3’ being moderate to ‘4’ being potentially deadly. Whether these threats are posed by our customers’ environment, the weather, industrial conditions, or a human threat like an unseen ambush, Hazard 4 gear is designed to...
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Keep it clean please

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Handguns can be used tactically, rifles can be used tactically and shotguns can be used tactically. That only holds true however if the weapon is clean enough to function properly. While the cleaning process might not be so tactical, having the right tools and products for the job is just as important. That’s where M-Pro...
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Ballistic Eyewear from ESS – Eye Safety Systems

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Whether you’re in the military, fire and rescue, law enforcement or a civilian with a taste for the latest and greatest tactical eyewear, ESS has you covered with their new Crosssbow Ballistic Eyewear. When you try on the Crossbow™, you’ll discover it’s unlike any other ballistic eyeshield.  Experience the Tri-Tech Fit™ frame that achieves an amazing universal...
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