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Pro-Shot Kit

Weapon Accesories

Pro-Shot Products

Even with the wide array of gun care and gun cleaning products on the market, if you’ve been cleaning firearms for any length of time you’ve likely either used or still use products form the Pro-Shot brand. I might have still been in diapers when John E. Damarin founded the company but I’ve had the opportunity to...
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Flashlights, Weapon Accesories

Look into the light

Look into the light or go towards the light are both phrases you’ve likely heard. If you see this light it might just be the end of your life on earth. The same can be said for a weapon mounted light on a handgun. The unsavory character that gets lit up with such a light...
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Cleaning Kit

Weapon Accesories

Wipe me down

It would seem someone over here at LAPG heard we had customers with dirty firearms. I can’t think of any other reason for the recent influx of gun cleaning products to our site. A few of our veteran brands in the weapons cleaning department include M-Pro 7, Break-Free and KleenBore Gun Care Products. Like many...
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Ares Armor Huskey Amentum Slider Sling

Closeouts, Cool Stuff, Weapon Accesories

Back in black

I was brainstorming thoughts for this post as I was falling asleep last night so it may be fractured, but rest assured it will get to the point.  We’re talking again about the brand from Oceanside, CA known as Ares Armor. They’re a relatively new player to the game and would still be considered a...
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GG&G AR-15/M16 End Plate Sling Mount w/ Quick Detach

Optics, Weapon Accesories

Made in America – Deployed Worldwide

That’s the proclamation made by GG&G out of Tucson, Arizona. They design and manufacture an extensive line of weapon accessories many of which enhance the usage of the AR15 rifle platform. They also offer quite a selection of tactical shotgun accessories. One thing they offer an abundance of is AR-15 sling mounts and attachment points. Pictured here is the end...
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