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Combat Application Sling

Blue Force Gear. Hopefully you’ve heard of the brand. If not, now you have. Also, if you own a rifle or more than one and they aren’t equipped  with slings then it’s time to get in gear.

I should just tell you to hurry up and buy one because quite honestly, if you won’t have one, you’re wrong. Sounds blunt but think about it this way. You have a holster for your handgun (let’s hope so). Consider a sling the holster for your rifle. I

f you need to free up your hands or grab some other gear do you set your rifle on the ground? This is a valid question for anyone that gets off the bench and actually operates operationally.

All joking aside, your rifle should have a sling. Ideally you’ll have one for each rifle but that’s not a total necessity. The Blue Force Gear Vickers Combat Application Sling is easy enough to deal with that you can swap it with little sweat.

The Patent Pending Vickers Combat Applications Sling™ has revolutionized the way we carry rifles. Developed with industry friend, firearms expert, and former 1st SFOD- Delta operational member Larry Vickers, the Vickers Combat Applications Sling™ incorporates key features from real world experience that makes the sling effective and durable.

The Vickers Combat Applications Sling™ has been Blue Force Gear’s most popular product of all with service in every branch of service here at home as well as several foreign militaries.

Able to quickly transition from carrying a slung rifle comfortably to combat ready, the patent pending Quick Adjuster has bridged the gap between the two primary uses of weapon slings – from transporting to fighting.

All Vickers Slings™ are built with precision and pride right here at home in the US with superior materials. They also carry the usual BFG limited lifetime warranty.

With 1.25 inch webbing it’s plenty thick enough to be comfortable and the included triglide hardware makes securing it to just about any rifle a snap. You can also add on your favorite sling hardware if your rifle is set up to accept them.

I’ve been around and used other slings and the Blue Force Gear offerings have been my favorite of the bunch. If your rifle is hanging out with you for long periods of time then you might even consider the padded version for a little extra shock absorption and comfort.

Be smart and don’t be the guy setting his rifle in the dirt.