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Daniel Defense A1.5

It would seem that the AR15 buying frenzy of days passed has slowed quite a bit. Still, the interest is high, new products are being pumped out and deals are being made like the purchase of LWRC by COLT.

With the variety of options and accessories out there it’s difficult to be satisfied with just a single black rifle or even two. I’m constantly on the lookout and frequently thinking about adding new calibers. Currently, all of my AR15s have fixed, A2 front sights. Where they differ is when it comes to what rides behind that front sight.

Daniel Defense A1.5 Fixed Rear Sight

Riding atop what I consider my home defense AR15 is the Daniel Defense A1.5 Fixed Rear Sight. It’s my only AR that has a weapon light mounted and currently wears no fancy-pants optic. That’s right, iron sighs only.

The only explanation for not having an Aimpoint PRO on there is simply that I’m a cheapass. It’s bound to happen, but in the mean time I knew I wanted a tough, reliable sight to ride along.

Like thousands of other folks, I’m happy with the polymer, Magpul back up sights and have other rifles equipped with those. In this case I chose the Daniel Defense fixed rear sight for simplicity’s sake.

That and the fact that I know that Daniel Defense only puts their name on high quality, long lasting products. Even if it wasn’t a home defense rifle, any rifle with unreliable sights isn’t much use. I wanted the best at a great price and the DD A1.5 fit the bill.

The lightweight, streamlined design of the Daniel Defense A1.5 Fixed Rear Sight makes it the optimum back up iron sight for shooters using today’s most popular reflex optics. Yep, even if you have optics it’s not automatic that you must have sights that fold out of the way. You can still take advantage of your optics with a sturdy, fixed rear sight.

In addition, the well thought out design of the DD A1.5 does not impede the use of the charging handle on M4 type rifles. I have mine mounted way back on the upper receiver which is optimal for obtaining as long a sight radius as possible and I’ve had no issues.

The one piece design makes it easy to install to any Military Specification flattop upper receiver and the sight is secured to the upper using a slotted fastener which is threaded into a self-locking steel thread insert.

Machined from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and Military Specification Hard Coat Anodized, this Fixed Back Up Iron Sight is both lightweight and durable. Adjustment of windage is easy and I’ve done it with the tip of a bullet. The A2 apeture has two settings, one for CQB and one for those longer distance shots and flips back and forth as needed.

Now all I have to do is try and stay away from our Daniel Defense product page for fear of wallet decimation. That and I should focus on acquisition of an Aimpoint PRO.

2 comments on “Daniel Defense A1.5

  1. Fisco

    I wanted to get your opinion on sights. I have researched a lot on the Aimpoint Pro and the Eotech 512. I use the 512 at work, and when I am on the range at distances farther than 50yards, its really hard to see the 1moa dot in the middle. I really like the big sight picture in the 512, but want a clear dot. Why do you like the Aimpoint PRO? Does it feel like you are looking through a scope? or is it just as fast as an Eotech?

    1. msalseda Post author

      I have yet to get myself an Eotech and still haven’t had the chance to use one. I’ve used red dots for a good while and have had good luck with them. I’ve shot with mine out to 100yds and while not ideal I can still see the dot. With my red dot I shoot both eyes open as recommended so it’s not like looking through a scope. With both eyes open you see the target and what’s around it. If the dot is on target you’re going to hit it. I can’t say it’s as fast as an Eotech but it shouldn’t slow you down once you’re used to it.

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