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Could almost be another Halloween-themed post with that title don’t you think? Not exactly going to happen that way but it does remind me to remind anyone taking kids out trick or treating to bring a flashlight along.

No cheesy department store flashlights with flimsy bulbs feeding on C cells either. I know some families venture out early but it’s getting dark earlier now that winter is on the way and being out in the dark is part of the Halloween fun if you ask me.

SOG Dark Energy FlashlightI think I may have had tunnel vision when it came to SOG Knives & Tools as I’ve really only focused on their knives and choppy devices like tomahawks. I think I’ve covered at least one of their multi tools but I was certainly asleep on the job when it comes to their flashlights.

It’s not like I missed a huge lineup of the things as they currently only have two lights but evidently their Dark Energy Flashlights were first shown off at Shot Show 2012. Shown in the preview image and in hand above is the smaller of the two – Model DE-01 which produces 214 lumens on high and is powered by a single CR123 battery (included).

As you can see, this SOG flashlight features a unique spiral design with some heavy duty knurling making it easy to hold on to in even the nastiest conditions. The light is constructed with the tough 6061 T6 aluminium you’ve come to expect from today’s toughest flashlights.

The power switch is full on/full off with a single click. A half tap will get you to 40% output and a second tap will have you in strobe mode. The single, full click to high power is ideal in my opinion because in a “tactical” situation you want full power first. If you’re conducting an administrative task you can take the time for the softer press of the button.

The second and larger model is the DE-02 which adds a second CR123 battery for an output of 247 lumens on high. The design is the same but the overall length jumps from 3.8 inches to 5.1 inches and the weight from 3.0 ounces to 4.1 ounces.

I’m attracted to the novelty of the tiny DE-01 and wouldn’t mind sacrificing 33 lumens in exchange for the smaller package. If you prefer a larger package and light you can wrap your hand around then perhaps the DE-02 will be the right size for you.



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  1. Scott

    Do you carry these? What is the price? Does it use a “CREE” LED, or something that is really good like that?

    I like the idea of an instant full-power on, or a slower, low-power map-reading setting.


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