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Did You Fall Asleep and Miss the Sales?

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Did you eat way too much food on Thanksgiving? Did you succumb to a food coma and then wake up, not really know what time of the day it is? The last thing you remember is getting a fourth helping of mashed potatoes and gravy and having a good time with your loved ones, but then you realize that an entire week has passed. Looks like you’ve gone into post-Thanksgiving hibernation. If this has happened to you, we know what you’re thinking.

“Oh crap! I missed all the sales!”

Fear not! LA Police Gear has got your back. Despite having some of the lowest prices on the best gear you can find on the internet, LA Police Gear has a special section dedicated to helping you save huge chunks of change. And the best part is, there is a new item nearly every minute! Check out our super awesome Countdown Deals.


Here’s how it works: We pick a handful of items every hour to put at a super low price, sometimes even going all the way down to over 50% off the original price! You are given a designated amount of time to buy the item at that price, and when the timer runs out, the page refreshes with NEW AWESOME DEALS. It’s just like going to Las Vegas and winning at slots every time, but with tactical gear.

Have you bookmarked this page yet? If you haven’t, this is a great way to make sure you have more money in your pocket after buying gear that you were going to get anyway. Sure, it may take some patience and dedication, but who doesn’t like great deals?