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So our 12 Days of Xmas promotion is in full swing as we’ve hit day nine. I haven’t posted each daily deal here because that would be too easy. I gave the heads up here on the second day and I chose to post about the day nine deal because it’s truly elite.

Yesterday I talked about the Massif Integrated Tactical Jacket. If you jumped on that deal then good on you. If you missed it then read it and come back. It happens to be in our closeout section which is famous for great products at often unbeatable prices. That was until this night day of xmas – today only you can take another 15% off of closeout products.

 Elite First Aid Tactical Trauma Kit #1

Here we have quite the spread from Elite First Aid, Inc. We mentioned a couple of their kits earlier this year but if I’m not mistaken this Tactical Trauma Kit #1  is the only one that has taken up residence in our closeout section for any length of time.

The Tactical Trauma Kit #1 is designed by a former pararesqueman to be used by those who might find themselves in the line of fire; police, military, tactical groups and hunters. The pouch offers easy access to all essential items in case of an emergency and is of course MOLLE compatible.

The only “problem” with pre-made kits like this is that you’re unlikely to get 100% of the supplies you want in one shot. Unless you’re trained in EMS in some capacity or have some reference kit to go off of it’s unlikely you’ll even know what you should or shouldn’t have.

Even if you do have training and have a good idea what you’re looking for putting together a kit piece by piece can be tedious and inefficient. A good base kit like this really is the ideal starting point as it has plenty of the smaller essentials that you’ll likely use most often.

The bloodstopper bandage, abd pad and 4x4s are good cornerstones for treating traumatic injuries. Add in the pouch itself along with the other supplies and at $24.99 and you won’t be breaking the bank. After that it will be up to you if you want to add an additional trauma bandage, tourniquet and/or clotting agent (all of which can be found on our site).

Also consider them as gifts to these friends and family who you know don’t even have a single bandaid in their vehicle (or home for that matter). It might just take this starter get to get them interested in being more prepared. After that you can let them research the possibility of adding to or improving their own kit.