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As you drift to sleep, you feel a bit lightheaded as a wave of movement shoots across the bed. Your body stiffens, trying to see if you had just imagined the tremor. Nothing. As you try to relax back to falling asleep, another tremor sweeps across the room, stronger this time. It shakes your dresser, making it give out a quiet swing of creaks and squeaks. Then again. Your mirror shakes, filling your ears with a low rumbling noise.

The rocking does not stop. A cup falls over on your night stand, then rolls off. Picture frames and books fall off the shelves in your living room. Outside, car alarms start going off.

It’s a major earthquake.

Question: Is your family prepared?


Experts and enthusiasts all have different philosophies and opinions on exactly what counts as being properly prepared. Some think that you and your family should have enough food and water for three days and some think you should have enough for a lifetime. Some think having grains and water is enough preparedness, and some think that you need a room dedicated to storing desiccated fruits, vegetables, and meals. Either way, almost everyone agrees that people should be prepared with food and supplies that are specifically designed with an above average length shelf life.

Lucky for you, you can find everything you would need on our site under Emergency Supplies. Let us help you keep your family prepared! If you’re one of the few out there who are fully prepared for basically anything, what’s in your emergency supply stock?

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  1. Garry

    I guess, it applies more to people living in earthquake prone regions. I can understand three days of stock, but I rarely thought of an emergency situation when I am at home. However, you talks about emergency supply, but what should I keep in store? Something that doesn’t rot quickly, may be, dry fruits? Right?

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