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Unless you’re some new kid on the block (called life) then you’ve likely heard the phrase “Everything but the kitchen sink.” Well, we’ve got one for you. Yes, a kitchen sink.

Oakley Kitchen Sink

What you should be looking at is 3/4 shot of the stylish and attractive Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack. In case you haven’t noticed something in the blog software has been in partial-FUBAR mode and images aren’t displaying like they should.

In any case, a click on that link which should be an image will take you to our item page where you’ll see all of the same images I wanted to display here. Whether you come back here and keep reading is up to. The point after all is to get you to our store, but I promise this lack of images is unintentional and I know it’s annoying.

Kitchen Sink - Front and Side Compartments

If and when you see images of the Oakley Kitchen Sink you’ll immediately notice that it is outfitted with some serious hardware which really draws your eye to the pack. I can’t be certain that all of it serves a function but it doesn’t hurt to have a good looking pack if it’s something you’re going to be carrying everyday.

The front, zippered compartment hides under the large top flap which is an impressive feature in its own right. Release the beefy, industrial-like clips and you’ll find a good-sized slip pocket in front of a trio of organizational slots including a spot for pens/markers which is always handy.

Larger, zippered compartments on either side of the bag provide quick access to items you want access to more readily. Depending on your water carrying method, one of these spots would make a great place to stow that hydration. Consider a Vapur Reflex Collapsible Water Anti-Bottle or two.

Kitchen Sink - Main/Laptop SpotMoving inside to the main compartment, you’ll find plenty of space extra clothing and/or the main bulk of your everyday carry or adventure gear. Should you use it on the daily, you’ll be able to lug around a laptop up to 17 inches in size. You’ll also be able to access that laptop through a side zipper which means you don’t have to unclip those heavy duty buckles and flip open the beefy upper flap every time.

What you won’t see in our images is the padded back of the pack along with its adjustable mesh–lined shoulder straps designed to keep you comfortable and cool when hauling over long distances. 

Kitchen Sink Shoe CompartmentIf you’ve loaded up that change of clothes in the main compartment then perhaps you plan on hitting the gym. Anyone that switches roles or modes throughout the day knows that different activities and/or uniforms require a whole other set of shoes.

I’ve learned to be less of a germophobe lately but I still don’t like the idea of sticking my shoes in with the rest of my gear, especially clean clothes. Having a dedicated compartment to keep the kicks isolated is a very nice touch. If you don’t need the feature, consider it another stash spot for clothing or softer gear.

Last but not least is the prominent “command center” that covers the top of the pack when clipped shut. You’ll notice that it’s equipped with a hard/rugged portion which looks like a typical hard-glasses case but blown up in size. It makes a great spot for storing a cell phone, media player and of course, your Oakely shades.