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fast 5.11

Yep, 5.11 Tactical. Calling this post fast 5.11 because it looks like they’re trying to end 2013 with a bang. In other words, our New Products From 5.11 Tactical section keeps blowing up. Products so new you can tell the images are just artist renderings.

If you find this annoying I don’t blame you. If you’re a full on 5.11 Tactical fanatic then you might already be adding them to your cart just to be the first. It just so happens that one of these new things I clicked on says it’s in stock. Here’s hoping that’s accurate.

5.11 Tactical XBT A2 FlashlightIt  seems like it took 5.11 a while to get going on flashlights but once they did they rolled out quick. Their earliest seem to be on the way out via closeout. It’s getting  difficult to keep up but I think this is one of the latest and greatest.

A perfect flashlight for emergencies, the rugged XBT A2 Flashlight fits easily into any glove compartment, drawer, or suitcase, providing bright and reliable illumination when you need it most.

Pretty standard promotion text. In addition to that, it should be mentioned ASAP that this flashlight is powered by two AA batteries. The ultimate in budget power (unless you really love little AAAs). Better still, two Duracell AA batteries are included.

Built from Aerospace Grade aluminum for superior durability, the A2 is powered by two (2) AA batteries (included) and casts an estimated 225 lumens of light from power-smart Cree® XP-E LEDs.

Additional features include a regulated circuit for maximum output, gold plated contacts for reliable activation, an anti-roll design to prevent loss, and water resistant construction for all-weather dependability.


  • Regulated Circuit for Maximum Output
  • Cree® XP-E LED
  • High output- Estimated 225+ Lumens
  • Momentary/Steady-On Switch
  • Stamped Metal Pocket Clip
  • Water Resistant Construction
  • 6.25” long, 1.1″ diameter head, 1” diameter body
  • Regulated circuit for maximum output