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Freedom Sale

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Make no mistake, it isn’t freedom that’s for sale. Freedom has come at a hefty cost. Our wise founding father’s got the ball rolling with the Declaration of Independence and it’s been quite a ride since then.

A holiday sale doesn’t cheapen the true meaning of the day as long as you at least take a moment to think about and appreciate the reason you get that one extra day off from work. And spending money is always good for the economy so you’re just helping make the country a better place.

Enjoy the cursory 10% off site wide (some exclusions apply), but if you’re really hungry Wise Food is 25% off. We’ve told you enough times that you need to get some so if you pass up 25% off then you can be the jerk knocking on your better-prepared neighbor’s door when the SHTF.

At least buy some socks – LA Police Gear Black Crew Socks. Rest assured we’re making every effort to get you in LAPG Apparel from head to toe. No comment on whether we might choose boxers or briefs. Until then, we’ve got plenty of other LAPG Apparel for you to choose from.