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Fenix HL21 HeadlampThis Fenix HL21 headlamp is powered by one (1) AA battery and is very lightweight and water resistant. It has a maximum output of 97 lumens. Truth be told, that’s probably all you really need to know about it and you should buy one. If you’re not satisfied with that, the copy from overseas might just convince you:

Fenix HL21 is a high intensity lightweight headlamp designed for outdoor activities, such as hiking and climbing, etc. The multiple brightness levels with a max 97 lumens output can meet your needs of illumination and runtime in various outdoor conditions.

In the meanwhile, the compact and lightweight design is suitable for longtime wearing. Therefore, with the waterproofing to IPX-8 Standard and the portable integrated design, HL21 can fascinate you in various conditions.

How about that? I almost felt like I was reading a short story with transitions like meanwhile and therefore. How can you not be convinced you need one? On a more serious note, I’m a pretty non-mechanically inclined person yet I’ve dabbled in my fair share of hands-on tasks.

One such task involved moving a boost gauge around in my vehicle from one spot to another. I was working an a not so well lit garage though the roof of the car was an obstruction anyway. Two hands were a must and the old cram the flashlight under the chin method was terrible and it surely wasn’t going in my mouth. It was headlamp time.

This HL21 would likely be considered the budget choice of their lineup and the fact that it’s powered by a single AA battery is a testament to that. You won’t be lighting up the hiking trail for miles ahead but setting up camp will be a lot more pleasant and efficient hands-free.

I’m a far from frequent camper but the two times I can recall doing so we managed to have to set up camp after sunset. I’m not sure if this was poor planning or what but I can tell you it adds to the challenge. That is unless you volunteer as the flashlight holder, then you can mostly stand around.

In the meanwhile, I’ve started to ramble after telling you one sentence was sufficient to sell this flashlight. If you got annoyed and didn’t read what I wrote that’s ok. I found you a 22 minute YouTube video that talks about the Fenix HL21. Enjoy!


  • Uses Cree XP-E LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Uses one 1.5V AA (Ni-MH, Alkaline) battery
  • 66mm (Length) x 33.7mm (Width) x 48.8mm(Height)
  • 41.1-gram weight (excluding batteries)
  • Digitally regulated output – maintains constant brightness
  • Reverse polarity protection, to protect from improper battery installation
  • Push button switch
  • Made of high-quality plastic and aluminum alloy
  • The aluminum alloy has the premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating

3 Modes:

  • Low: 3 Lumens – 53 hour runtime.
  • Medium: 47 Lumens – 5 hour 43 minute runtime.
  • High: 97 Lumens – 2 hour 3 minute runtime.