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The INFORCE brand of products is distributed in over 40 countries and is currently used by every branch of the U.S. Military and the majority of federal law enforcement agencies.

If you’re in the firearms enthusiast category then you’ve probably heard a lot about the brand in the last hear or so. Their weapon lights have become quite popular with many people testing and evaluating them.

I actually stared out with a version of their weapon light designed mainly for rifles/carbines known as the WML. We might get into that one at a later date but today the focus is on the INFORCE APL or Auto Pistol Light.

INFORCE Auto Pistol Light

The INFORCE APL LED auto pistol light produces 200 lumens of white light with a tight beam for close-to mid-range applications and balanced peripheral light for discernment of the surrounding area

If you’re working with a pistol then it’s more than likely you’re in that close to mid-range situation. You may have some other mega-lumen blaster light that will light up the end of a football field but it’s highly unlikely you’re going to hit anything even if you can see it at that distance.

The creators and engineers behind the INFORCE brand have the experience that given them the understanding on how to manipulate light and deliver it to various platforms.

Working with and listening to the best operators from our military and federal teams has allowed them to determine how design can improve weapon manipulation, ergonomics and performance for real world engagements.

The straightforward, bilateral and ambidextrous paddle switching system affords left or right hand activation and natural finger movement from the weapon body to the switch. The paddle switching system allows for momentary or constant on.

The INFORCE APL is ultralight and durable inside and out. Its integrated mounting system is compact, convenient and securely attaches without tools. I’ve got one and can attest to the fact that install take just seconds.

As my first pistol light, it’s safe to say I need more practice in its use and manipulation. Thus far, the only negative thing I can say about it doesn’t relate directly to the light but rather the lack of holsters out there designed to accept a pistol with the APL attached. That is bound to change.

The Glock image above is care of the same man in the following video review. Thanks Mrgunsandgear Channel.