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Integrated Tactical Jacket

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Pretty standard preview image with what I consider a slick product name which is why I chose it for the blog title – Integrated Tactical Jacket. The only mystery at this point is who makes it. That is unless you’ve already shopped our closeout section or are an avid reader of our blog.

Massif Integrated Tactical Jacket CLOSEOUTFull disclosure – you’re looking at the Massif Integrated Tactical Jacket CLOSEOUT. Caps on CLOSEOUT so that you know it’s being offered at an insanely discounted price. Massif does offer closeouts/discontinued products on their own website but like many manufacturers they dish out the majority of the supply to awesome dealers like LA Police Gear where we can offer an even deeper discount.

I’m posting a video review/overview below where the reviewer mentions a sale/closeout price around $80 though he admits to paying less. I hope he go it from use because as of today we’re offering this excellent jacket for a mere $47.99.

The Massif Integrated Tactical Jacket is one of the most comfortable and versatile pieces of gear you’ll ever own. This hybrid design features a 5.5 oz torso fabric for increased air permeability under body armor, and a 6.5 oz fabric on the sleeves and yoke for extra water and wind resistance.

The key phrase in that last paragraph is “under body armor.” Clearly you can wear it without but it was designed with that particular user/operator in mind. As such, you’ll notice the lack of pockets on the lower half of the jacket. This jacket has plenty of user reviews on our page which I suggest you peruse and while most admit to knowing these pockets are “missing” they still mention their absence.

The lightweight, stretch-woven fabrics that make up this jacket move when you do for exceptional comfort. All pockets are accessible even with armor on, and have a durable mesh lining for added ventilation. Zippered shoulder pockets have an internal cell phone sleeve.

Again, please note the use of heavier fabric in the sleeves which will be exposed to the elements as opposed to the body material which is lighter in order to breathe better when covered by a heavy plate carrier or tactical vest. This is a very purpose-built jacket.

At least one of our customer reviews mentions the jacket is true to size but keep in mind that it was designed to be worn over a somewhat significant layer of clothing like a BDU/military issued uniform. You can kind of make this out in the image above as there appears to be a little extra room yet the jacket isn’t bulky in any sense of the word.

If you can get over the lack of lower, hand pockets you’ll end up with a very well thought out and well built soft shell jacket at an amazing price. It’s not waterproof but water resistant and should hold up against a passing rain shower. It’s not a winter weather jacket but with a fleece underneath you should be plenty comfortable in some seriously low temperatures.


  • Sleeves and yoke feature a 6.5 oz stretch-woven fabric for significant wind protection
  • Torso and under arms utilize a 5.5 oz stretch-woven fabric for exceptional breathability and rapid dry times
  • DWR finish for water resistance
  • Designed specifically for wear over a combat shirt and under armor
  • All pockets have a durable mesh lining for extra ventilation
  • Not Flame Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • 6.5 oz stretch-woven fabric on sleeves
  • 5.5 oz stretch-woven fabric on torso