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LAPG Elite Operator Pants

If you’re a frequent shopper at LA Police Gear, you probably own quite a few products that we’ve released under our own brand. Whether it be the Operator Pants that you wear for duty or the Bail Out Bag that you take to the range on lazy weekends, you know that when we deliver an LA Police Gear brand product, we do it right. No matter what, our focus is and has always been customer satisfaction. Regardless of what you pay, we want you to be so happy that you would come back for more or even recommend them to your friends and co-workers.

This time, we bring you the LA Police Gear Elite Operator Pants, made for an active individual. These pants are 63/35/2 blend, a lightweight polyester/cotton/spandex fabric with a 2-way horizontal stretch for increased mobility and comfort. These come in the shorts version as well, so that you can still remain active and cool during the hotter days. Check out the LA Police Gear Elite Operator Shorts here.

These pants are packed with never-before-seen features on any of our other pants. Aside from the addition of spandex, LA Police Gear is introducing Teflon coating, sap pockets, tuxedo-style waistband, and a dedicated knife pocket. If you haven’t had a chance to look at some of the close-up shots, check some of the pictures below, or go visit this link to check out the video we’ve done on an overview of the features of the LA Police Gear Elite Operator Pants.

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