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Have you ever fantasized that one day, LA Police Gear would offer to draw up some of your doodle requests on your invoices when you order from us? When you make your wishlists for Christmas, is the only item on it “LA Police Gear drawing me something on my invoice?” Do you weep at your birthday parties when another year has gone by and you haven’t received a specialized doodle in your package from LA Police Gear? Well, this announcement might change your life forever: we read ALL of your comments in the orders, and we try to respond to them in some way.

LA Police Gear always wants you to know we appreciate our loyal customers. To show that, one of the things we do is to ask our in-house professional doodle-ists draw on invoices based on the numerous requests we get daily. Sometimes we pick the most outlandish ones, sometimes we pick the more mild-mannered ones, and sometimes we don’t pick any because they’re all out sick.

And sometimes, SOMETIMES, from the mountain of orders we send them, the doodle-ists will pick out a specific request and do something special. And sometimes, they pick your order. Only one problem: How do you show it off to the rest of the world? I mean, your family and friends and co-workers can see it on your Facebook page or whatnot, and your future dinner guests can see it in a beautiful frame on your living room wall, but how will the WORLD know?

Easy. Take a picture of it, then upload it on Instagram and tag #lapolicegear and #lapgart. Now the whole world will be able to glow green with envy at your own LA Police Gear doodle!