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less is more

Or so the saying goes. I’m not sure I’m philosophical enough to try to explain what that might mean. Instead, I will disagree with it in regards to brand exposure. Unless the publicity is negative, the more the merrier. Then again sometimes the negative generates even more fervor and desire to pursue or try something.

Today’s brand of discussion is Mission First Tactical. They’ve been around a good while now and LAPG has had carried a good amount of their product line for as long as I can remember. Only recently however have I seen a significant hoopla develop surrounding the brand. What happened?

MFT Battlelink Minimalist StockWhat happened is, Mission First Tactical decided to give us less. If you saw the preview image then hopefully you realize I’m referring to that butt stock. Perhaps you thought a piece or two had fallen off. Not the case.

According to MFT, this is the lightest stock on the market and was developed with heavy input from operators. MFT utilized the minimal amount of material while maintaining all the necessary functionality and attained a weight under 6 ounces. Some pocket knives weigh that much.

While the Mission First Tactical Battelink Utility Stock has been in the MFT lineup for a good long while, I hadn’t come across a whole lot of rifles (online or in person) that were rocking said stock. Things have certainly changed with the release of the  MFT Battlelink Minimalist Stock.

It’s all up on the web getting reviews left and right and is even staring in YouTube videos. Pictured above, the MFT Battlelink Minimalist Sock is riding along with a Rainier Arms RUC Mod 2 rifle.

If you’re not a total AR15 enthusiast then that might not mean a whole lot to you. RA is a well established vendor of many an AR15 rifle part, does custom builds and has become popular enough to justify creation of their own rifle line. Long story short, their use of this MFT stock along with an MFT pistol grip has been good for the brand.

Not every consumer is chasing a lightweight AR15 setup but once you’ve owned or operated a rifle or two you begin to realize how heavy an AR15 can feel when you get up off the shooting bench.

I think I mentioned taking a carbine course recently and while my rifle was equipped with a lightweight profile barrel and lightweight Daniel Defense hand guard, the butt stock wasn’t doing me any favors in the weight department. With the MFT Minimalist Stock you’ve got a chance to drop weight on the rear end of your rifle.

You don’t have to take my word for it though. The following review is pretty quick and to the point. The reviewer admits he didn’t pay for the stock but you’ll notice his review is fair and honest. He also interjects jokes that you may or may not understand or find funny – fair warning. If you want more reviews, you’ll find them.