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low pro reminder

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Pant post alert. Not much excitement ahead. I do my best to strike a balance between posting only the fun “want to have” stuff with the “should probably stick to what I need” stuff. One product that’s always going to be a must have is pants.

You may be satisfied with your current tactical pants and that’s fine but it never hurts to shop around. With our wide selection of brands and price points in the pant department you can call us your one stop shop.

Also, because pants are such a necessity, there are plenty of buyer and user reviews out there, some of which we’ve already shared here on the blog. A more recent review from YouTube favorite CaptianBerz inspired this “low pro reminder” post.

VertX Phantom LT PantThe VertX Phantom LT pant is similar in design to the original VertX pants, but made with an incredible lightweight material that also features VertX’s innovative IntelliDry system. Are you reminded yet?

The poly/cotton fabric and magic IntelliDry system are clearly star features in their own right, but the stand out feature that sets the Phantom LT pant apart is the low profile design and appearance.

As you’ll hear in the Berz video review (a little excessively I might add) is mention of the lay-flat cargo pockets. There are no buttons or Velcro to be seen or heard but a clever design (stitches in the right spots) means that what you put in stays put.

Add in a gusseted crotch, articulated knee & hip, and stretch waistband combined with world class patterning for the pinnacle of comfort and the result is a pant that you want to wear.

This combination of mobility, low visual profile and inset cargo pockets give the function of a full battle garment and the appearance business casual. Stay overlooked and underestimated.