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Manly Gifts for Valentine’s Day

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Contrary to what commercials and mass consumerism may have taught you, men also like expensive gifts that are good for absolutely nothing except for showing them off to his buddies. Luckily for all the ladies (and men) out there, we have some super awesome Valentine’s Day gifts you can get for your man that won’t break your bank AND will most likely see some use. Click on the images to check out the pages.

1. Lots of men like beer. Enhance his beer experience by allowing him to open them in the manliest way possible. With a .50 caliber bullet bottle opener. Need one with a key chain to make it portable? We’ve got you covered.


policestuff_2347_11662610442. Active men like athletic wear. Whether his job requires him to be mobile or his friends like to get together for a quick pick-up game, most men will appreciate good active wear. Need some ideas? Check out our brand pages for 5.11 Tactical, Blackhawk!, and Underarmour.



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3. Bacon. Tactical bacon.


4. LA Police Gear bags. We carry awesome bags under our own brand. Check out our ever-popular LA Police Gear Bail Out Bags, which are durable and versatile. Whether he is someone who frequents the range or needs a manly diaper bag for the baby, he will appreciate this awesome bag that hundreds of thousands of our customers are raving about.


5. Camouflage soap. Every man will eventually wash some or all of his body. Give him the gift of some 100% natural handmade soap.


6. Does he like graphic t-shirts? Who doesn’t? We carry a large selection of graphic tees from some of the best in the industry. Come browse our selection here.


7. Maybe your man spends a lot of time and money accessorizing his guns. If you know your way around his guns, take a look into the awesome deals we have on Optics and Weapon Accessories.



8. How about some patches? If he collects patches, you’re in luck because we have an entire category dedicated to helping people fill their endless void for patches. We carry thousands of different unique patches, so there is a good chance we carry something that he doesn’t have (yet).


9. If you need an absolutely safe option, always get him a nice knife. Even if you think he has a lot of knives, just remember that there is no such thing as enough knives.


10. If you need a SAFER option, then an LA Police Gear gift card will allow him to get whatever he wants, at his own leisure.


You’re welcome.