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Mesa Tactical

Please welcome one of the newest brands to grace the pages of LA Police Gear – Mesa Tactical. Way back in the day, before my position was vacated, I mentioned that we should look into adding some of their gear after having purchased and installed one of their products.

Only two short years or so later it has been done. No matter the delay, I was happy to see their stuff pop up in the NEW to LA Police Gear section. Their “About Us” is short and sweet so I’ll copy and paste it here:

Mesa Tactical was formed in 2003 to provide high quality tactical accessories and gear to law enforcement, the military and civilian shooters. We specialize exclusively in enhancements for the tactical shotgun.

With the assistance and advice of local law enforcement armorers and operators, we have developed a line of unique, professional-grade products which continues to expand in new and interesting directions.

A ten year stretch dispensing accessories primarily for shotguns is impressive. They must be doing something right. I found out about them when looking for a side saddle, shell carrier for my Remington 870 and I’m happy I did.

Mesa Tactical Shell CarrierWe do have some excellent product images of the Mesa Tactical SureShell Side Mount Shell Carrier on our item page but I actually took some pictures of my own shotgun post install and I think this one does an excellent job of showing the build, detail and size of their six shell carrier.

Although the AR15 has been in the spotlight lately and even with more and more police departments issuing or allowing their officers to carry AR15 rifles, the tried and true shotgun still rides along in many a patrol vehicle.

Though debates rage on throughout the Internets regarding a shotgun versus an AR15 for home defense, there are plenty of proponents of using a shotgun. I’d rather not get into that debate here but it’s worth mentioning.

When it comes down to it, it’s another tool in the toolbox and firearms enthusiasts will likely have one for the cheap ammo and fun factor alone. I had mine out at the range the other day and there’s nothing like punching holes with slugs and seeing just what kind of patterns you can get with 00 buck at distance.

It also gave me time to get a little more use out of the shell carrier as I practiced reloading from it. The shells insert snugly but don’t require excessive force to remove them and I used an over the top method dropping shells right into the ejection port and racking them home.

The Mesa Tactical carrier is  fabricated from aircraft aluminum, they feature an innovative rubber friction retention system and tough construction to endure years of use and abuse. That sturdy construction is the first thing that had me leaning towards this carrier over the plastic models on the market.

The Mesa Tactical SureShell Side Mount Shell Carrier for Remington Shotguns comes in 4, 6 and 8 shell configurations, so you can choose the right amount of firepower for your needs.

Depending on the particular shotgun model you start with, it may be necessary to swap out the forend should you choose a 6 shell or 8 shell model. I grabbed a SpeedFeed and it did the trick.

Don’t feel left out Mossberg owners, Mesa Tactical will take care of you as well. Visit our Mesa Tactical Page to see the carrier options available as well as their Urbino Pistol Grip Stocks.