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monsoon incoming

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Fear not, I don’t mean the weather phenomenon. Since I’m no meteorologist I would just be making it up anyway. When I see a Maxpedition Overstock product pop up on the website I do feel confident enough to bring it to your attention.

The Maxpedition Monsoon Gearslinger was featured way back in 2011 as part of a combo deal we worked out with Maxpedition. It was more of a brief mention that a full blog write up so in light of the latest overstock deal I figured it was deserving of a little more discussion.

Monsoon Gearslinger Overstock

They aren’t in yet but at $89.99 you might want to grab your spot in line. The Monsoon Gearslinger is a true OG in the Gearslinger line and has been featured in such television shows as “24” and “Stargate.”

Rugged enough for the field and also designed for urban & suburban applications, the original Monsoon™ Gearslinger® carries on your right shoulder and sits on your left hip. Of all the Gearslingers, the shape of the Monsoon is most distinct.

The wide bottom and open area between the front panel and the main part of the bag lend it to use as receptacle for extra clothing. It’s another contender in the realm of get home bags, but would be equally suited for a day hike.

Monsoon Compartments

It features a durable teardrop-shaped design that includes a spacious main compartment, back-to-back pockets, fixed shoulder strap & concealable waist strap, internal MP3 player pouch & rubberized headphone port and a water resistant protective over-flap.

Was going to post the shot of empty compartments but seeing the bag loaded with some sample items (not included) provides a better idea and some inspiration on how the contents of the bag might be organized.

You can see that the dual opening zippers for the main compartment open way down to the bottom and sides of the pack allowing wide-open, easy access to your clothing and other gear.

Monsoon Hydration & CCW

Dual hydration pockets accommodate a 100 oz/3L hydration reservoir and 32 oz/1L water bottle to help keep you hydrated on long trips (sold separately). I’d venture to guess you would be in good shape with an either or option.

Water = more weight. A select few reviewers/users have complained about the single shoulder strap setup on the Monsoon when using the pack for extended, EDC use. I’m not sure what they carry day to day but any pack that’s overloaded will become a bit uncomfortable over time.

That being said, the buyer reviews on our page are overwhelmingly positive and at least a couple mention their realistic expectations and uses of the Monsoon. Choose the right tool for the job and you end up with a good result.

This round of Monsoon Overstocks includes both the Foliage and OD Green colors. Choose wisely.