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NEBO 5872 CSI Edge 90

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Yesterday’s post is a hard act to follow. Not because it was particularly well written and though the images were nice, chopped down to blog-size they aren’t quite as epic. It’s simply the awesomeness and pure badassery of the Gerber Downrange Tomahawk that speaks for itself.

And, although it’s better than Monday, I think that’s the only reason Tuesday gets any love as a weekday. Otherwise, there’s nothing to be to fond of. I feel the same way about Thursday. It’s not yet Friday and it certainly isn’t hump day.

Having not pulled from my list of “just in case” blog topics, it took me a good thirty minutes of browsing to settle on today’s product/topic. Despite the lack of enthusiasm for Tuesday my goal is still to provide more than just words on a page about any old thing.

NEBO 5872Say hello to another budget offering from NEBO Tools. In a vast sea of flashlight brands NEBO has provided some unique designs based on looks alone. They also have a somewhat unique naming convention throwing in model numbers along with names like Protec, Redline and CSI.

This one is no exception and the blog title reveals the NEBO 5872 CSI Edge 90 LED flashlight. The 90 part of the name is simple enough to explain, the output from the single LED is 90 Lumens and it’s rated for 110,000 hours of life.

My guess on the Edge portion is that is relates to the removable, crenulated self-defense bezel. It’s a nice option to be able to remove it should you chose to pocket carry the light. At 3.75 inches in length that’s a very likely option.

NEBO CSI EDGE 90The CSI EDGE 90™ is constructed of anodized aircraft grade aluminum and the water-resistant body design also features a steel clip to keep this flashlight handy, or gives you the ability to use as a cap-light for convenient hands-free lighting.

The glow-in-the-dark button is positioned in the back so that you can keep constant control of the flashlight while activating the button. The CSI EDGE 90 is powered by a single AA battery which helps keep cost low. The first one is on NEBO.