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Not in time for Christmas

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Clearly it’s too late for any online shopping for items expected under the old Christmas tree. You can bet however that whatever stores are open will be packed all day and up to the last minute. I’d curse those people but I’m sure their intentions are good.

Only moments ago I was on another social medium declaring that Christmas Eve isn’t the holiday because a restaurant I wanted to go to closed early (before I could get there). If that’s all I have to complain about then I’m lucky.

I worked eight hours today and somehow got scheduled for eight more on my usual day off on Thursday. As such this blog post is more of a space filler as I’m taking the evening off. I plan on a “real” post tomorrow since I’ll have all day to get around to it. Just me, the dog and a little tree.

Still I’ll be grateful for that one day off and the fact that I have a job to complain about (no matter how crappy). Hopefully you can be grateful for something and share that again like you might do on Thanksgiving. I never make a Christmas list because I already know I’m not grateful enough for what I already have.

That being said, feel free to treat yourself for a job well done. If you can sneak away for some alone time before Midnight on Thursday then head to lapolicegear.com and get that not in time for Christmas gift you’ve been dreaming about at 15% off:

Merry Christmas