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not so secret Agent

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Not so secret because there are already YouTube overviews/reviews on what is pretty much a brand new product from Maxpedition. We aren’t starting a Maxpedition Monday theme but when I woke up to see a 20% OFF Maxpedition promo in the email inbox I figured the time was right.

I realize this has us doing back to back bag posts and might give one the idea that we’re pitting Maxpedition against 5.11 Tactical. That’s not the case as today’s Maxpedition product is no duffle-style bag (though they have a couple) and the price point isn’t quite in the same realm this time around.

When it comes down to it, we all know the simple solution is to “Get both.” I’ve said it before and it remains true, my stack of Maxpedition has yet to reach knee-high so I’ve go plenty of acquiring to do.

Maxpedition Agent - 1Tactical shoulder sling taking up all screen real estate here. That’s right, I didn’t call it a shoulder strap and as you can see it crosses over the bag from one side to the other presumably to provide better balance under heavy load.

The #0656 AGENT™ Kit Bag (Large) is Maxpedition’s update of the traditional doctor’s bag, completely reworked and durably constructed with the toughest materials available. I’m no doctor but having browsed Maxpedition bags on multiple occasions something about this one just made me say “I want that!”

Maxpedition Agent - 2

Maxpedition Agent - 3You had a look at the unique pockets on the front of the Agent but as is often the case, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Like a duffle bag there’s plenty of wide open interior space but take note of the built-in metal frame which helps the bag stay open allowing easier access to your gear.

Some duffle bag reviewers were complaining about a lack of structure in their duffle bag making me wonder why they bought the wrong type of bag. This Maxpedition Agent really does fill a gear-bag-void of sorts simply by adding that reinforced metal frame.

Along with that easily accessible, wide open space there’s also a variety of interior and exterior pockets providing unparalleled organization and versatility. One one side you’ve to the large slip pocket with loop on each side (take advantage of those new Maxpedition hook and loop pouches).

On the other side are mesh pockets with elastic and side release closure to wrangle your “softer” gear. Elastic bands are configured on each of the ends of the interior, one with four channels, the other with three.

Maxpedition Agent - 4Here you can see the dual carry handles that will remain should you remove the tactical shoulder sling. Also, the rear compartment which runs the length of the bag and features loop lining should you decide a concealed handgun is necessary for the job. That or other hook and loop organizers.

Last but not least is that beefy looking piece of nylon that appears to run the length of the zipper opening and down to a snap closure on the side of the bag. Well that’s exactly what it does and it’s mentioned in the video review below. This little added measure of security should help your tools and gear from growing legs and walking away.

Wait, there’s more last but not least. There’s also a smaller size available called the Maxpedition Handler. And, in case you missed it, 20% OFF Maxpedition for a limited time! These new bags are in stock at Maxpedition so our shipment should be rolling in soon. Secure yours today at a serious discount.