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not so subtle

Raise your hand if you think 2014 will be another year rife with attacks on your right to keep and bear arms. I’ll raise mine halfway in an effort to be optimistic. It can be difficult when you see the viral image of CT gun owners lining up to register their firearms for fear of losing them or becoming criminals.

As for New York, despite having some terrible restrictions, managed to get a judge to realize that seven rounds in a magazine was unreasonable. Now they’re just stuck with ten like our CA brethren.

Ranger Up - Free MenThis is the back of the Ranger Up Free Men Don’t Ask Permission Shirt. A little historical firearm imagery combined with a reminder that you have nothing to be ashamed of as a proud American citizen.

The Thomas Jefferson quote “Free men do not ask permission to bear arms,” is emblazoned on the front of the shirt so everyone can see you coming. Subtlety is fine most of the time, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to get out there a bit.

<minor tangent>

As you read this, Shot Show 2014 will likely be in full swing. Despite the recent  attacks on the 2nd Amendment and the ups and downs in the industry, it’s great to see that this epic even is still being held.

Nothing says 2A support like 60,000+ individuals attending what is the largest and most comprehensive trade show for all professionals involved with the shooting sports, hunting and law enforcement industries.

</minor tangent>

There was much that our founding fathers did not agree on: state rights versus federal rights, a standing army versus militias, how involved we should be with the international community, the manner in which we managed debt and many more significant arguments that still rage today.

Almost universally, however, they believed in a man’s right to bear arms. A gun is the great equalizer. It protects a man from those who would do him harm. It protects a people from tyranny. It keeps a man free. The quotes on the subject are numerous, but Thomas Jefferson said it most clearly, “Free men do not ask permission to bear arms.”

The most basic of all natural rights is the ability to defend oneself. Every creature on Earth knows this inherent truth. When danger lurks and our lives are threatened, whether we be field mouse or man, we will do everything and anything we can to protect ourselves. We have the natural right to Life. This right is not based on civilization or a legal system or a government. It is the birthright of every human being.

We have the right to Liberty. We can do what we wish, make what decisions we will, so long as we do not harm others.

We have the right to Pursue Happiness; to embark on whatever journey we will, live how we will and chase what goals we will. So long as we do not harm others, no man or woman alive has a right to interfere with that. So it was before civilization began and so it is now. These rights are unalienable. No law can bestow them and no law can take them away.

RU - Thomas Jefferson

5 comments on “not so subtle

  1. Jai Gray

    Thanks for totally excluding me, a proud woman veteran who enjoys 1911s and AR-15s. It’s the 21st century; please be more inclusive of your language.

  2. Bernard POLATO

    America is the land of the free
    This flag and the fifty stars must
    be protected by citizens

  3. Target Drone

    “Raise your hand if you think 2014 will be another year rife with attacks on your right to keep and bear arms.”

    Hand goes up – and not halfway, either. The latest phase is the most sinister yet, reducing to, “We’re opposed to guns that are not under our control, and if you don’t agree with us, then you need mental help. And if you *get* mental help, then that proves our point: You’re unstable, and you need to give up your guns.”

    However, it’s particularly distressing to note that the actual *enforcement* of attacks on our enumerated Rights – including such attacks as the Katrina gun seizures, the Boston Marathon warrantless JBT raids, the “over the top” fed DCMA enforcement actions, and the NSA wholesale warrantless hoovering of private communications – are carried out by government officials who are almost certainly in violation of their loyalty oath…and who are most likely among your very own customers.

  4. Patrick

    I concur; while we fear registration for the obvious confiscation that could occur (not now but in the future) it would appear a reasonable effort to be able to prevent criminals from retaining and trading firearms in a black-market area. Having said that it is the Obama administration that has been less transparent and more overbearing in the executive powers than Bush or Reagan. From an administration that said it would not. I guess all that voted for him had to learn the lessen of history that all politicians will promise anything to sit at the trough of the public tax dollar.

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