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Since the opening of our store in Santa Clarita, our presence in the community has grown significantly and that growth has introduced us to many new customers as well as questions. Our LE and Military customers can attest to the fact that we welcome them with open arms but one question that surprised us most was, “Do you sell to civilians?” to which we exclaim, “yes”!

For over a decade our strength has been online sales which are saturated with law enforcement and military customers but what surprised us most was that some fans did not know that we also cater to civilians. A physical location is a little more intimidating so we can see why some local members of the community would be hesitant to step foot inside, especially with a name like LA Police Gear, but we accept all customers with open arms.

LAPG Store Interior

As a retailer that caters to police officers we do have some items that the general public cannot purchase without proper identification or credentials but those items are only a tiny percentage of our phenomenal selection. We understand that many tactical gear enthusiasts are aren’t in the military or law enforcement but have a passion for disaster prep., martial arts, target practice, etc so we do our best to cater to everyone.

LAPG Store Exterior

With that being said we at LA Police Gear, LAPG for short, look forward to greeting you with a smile and answering any questions you may have regardless of profession – just don’t bother our armed sentry’s.