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Peace out 2013

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Whether 2013 did you well or did you wrong, it’s nearly history. I’m not one for the big celebrations, but the idea that we get to start over again can be a refreshing thought. Today will be my 740th post since starting the LAPG blog. Despite a few exceptions, that’s over two years of legit content.

Today will be another legit day despite not having too much text to share from the manufacturer of the product of the day. I suppose that’s because it’s an updated version of a previous model. With just about any brand, if they’re around to release an updated and improved second version of anything they’re doing something right.

Fenix PD12 360 Lumen LED FlashlightThe term EDC flashlight gets thrown around a lot and to be honest it really depends on what the individual can tolerate carrying in their pocket. As a slim individual, I’m about at my limit when I carry my Fenix LD20 (2 AA) and it’s slim.

At only 3.2 inches the new Fenix LD12 is the length of your car key. That is unless you’re one of those fancy bastards with the fancy flip keys. No, I’m not jealous. Add in the impressive weight of only 1.7 ounces (minus battery) and this thing is drop-in-the-pocket and go status.

Fenix continues to put out flashlights with some seriously impressive lumen ratings. Truth be told, the 360 lumen rating on this LD12 comes from its burst mode function. Tail cap switch on or off, holding down the side button for one second will activate the 360 lumen burst mode until you let go.

That being said, it’s obvious the max ouput claim of 360 lumens is legit however the lumen output on high is 200. That’s nothing to scoff at from a single CR123A battery and I always appreciate the lower modes – Low = 10 lumens and Medium = 80 lumens.

Fenix LD12 - Output TableStill searching for beastmode? Visit our Fenix Flashlight Page¬†and spend the new year deciding if you can handle 3,500 Lumens. If not, try the TK75. It’s only 2,600.