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quite the frenzy

Back in September I announced here on the blog the upcoming release of two LA Police Gear Operator Flashlights. At the time I didn’t know too much about them but based on my “reading about and looking at flashlights all the time” experience, I had an idea they might be pretty legit.

LAPG is a well-known name and a well known brand of it’s over 100,000 Bail Out Bags¬†sold and hundreds of positive user reviews on a number of other LAPG brand products. I wouldn’t say I was skeptical of LAPG brand flashlights because I know we wouldn’t put our names on junk but with all the choices out there I wasn’t sure how our customers would respond.

Only a few short months later, the answer is clear. They showed up in droves (online) with credit cards in hand and the response has been truly impressive. Buyer reviews are stacking up nearly as fast as the sales with some customers mentioning buying multiple lights at a time.

LAPG Operator FlashlightsThese LA Police Gear Operator Flashlights bring new meaning to bang for your buck. Your initial reaction to these flashlights might be skepticism because of the insanely low prices – but don’t doubt the quality and brightness of these flashlights.

That’s how we do around here. A balance of quality and price that makes us nearly untouchable. Hopefully that doesn’t sound too bragadocious but it’s great to be able to bring products like this to our customers at affordable prices.

These budget beasts pack a high mode of up to a blistering 800 lumens and also have a Medium, Low, and Strobe setting. Pictured above is the LA Police Gear Operator L2 Flashlight which has a high setting of 730 lumens.

If you’re a flashlight fanatic you’ll have an L2 along with the Operator L1 just because. I mentioned in my last post that I was attracted to the beefy bezel of the 800 lumen L1 and having one in hand it really is impressive with some slick heat sinks built in.

From a more practical standpoint and for the not so fanatic flashlight fan, the 730 lumen Operator L2 might be just the ticket thanks to its slim and consistent diameter. The bezel is actually slightly smaller than the body and the whole package will be easier to stash away.

Speaking of stashing, both lights come with a very nice (good quality) nylon holster with a loop for belt carry. I managed to get the big-head L1 to fit in its holster both with bezel up and bezel down. The built in elastic makes this quite easy.

Operator L2 Holstered

With 730 and 800 lumen high settings I don’t really think I need to speak too much on brightness. If you’ve only been around lights in the 200 or so lumen range and you thought those were pretty damn bright then you’re in for quite a surprise. My buddy was skeptical when I first got my lights but one quick shot in the dark and after a quick “Wow” he was silenced.

The only issue I had with my L2 was that the installed o-ring tore apart the first time I removed the bezel to install the batteries (which are included by the way). Well guess what? There’s two replacement o-rings included with the light so I was back in business in no time.

Since then the only torture test I’ve put the light through is chilling it out and firing it up in sub-zero temperatures. It’s been quite the winter out here in the Midwest so all I had to do was leave the light in my car (where it still sits). Every time I grab it, it fires right up.

The guys at the warehouse did a little testing (or playing around) of their own. Check it: