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recharge incoming

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Was holding off for the “In Stock” icon to light up but here I go jumping the gun anyway. Another sleepy Monday post after a long day at work and some kid sitting thrown in to top it off. That second stint was brief but yet another tweak in the schedule has me typing away with eyes half open.

As a result, I’ll let NEBO help me out with today’s Q&A session – What could be better than a 300 lumen REDLINE flashlight?

NEBO 6007 Redline RC RechargeableThe answer is a 300 lumen REDLINE® flashlight that you don’t have to put batteries in…EVER!  he REDLINE® RC is NEBO’s® first fully-rechargeable flashlight. I suppose since the battery is included it probably comes installed in the flashlight. If not then you’d have to put a battery in at least one time.

The NEBO text says the included battery is good up to 600 life cycles so you’ll have to be a heavy user to wear one out. It’s nice that they finally decided to offer this up as an option as their standard, non-rechargeable flashlights have been well-liked.

Integrated with a heat-sink design, anodized aluminum body and aggressive face, the RC has everything that you’d expect a REDLINE flashlight to have.  The RC comes with 2 adapters (AC & DC) to charge the light anytime, anywhere (home and vehicle).

Not only is the RC bright, 300 lumens to be exact, it also has an adjustable light output. Just press the button to turn the light on. To set desired brightness, hold down the button to dim the light. The low setting is 10 lumens and has a runtime of 36 hours. Nothing shabby about the 2.5 hour runtime when in High mode.

If you look around the exterior of the flashlight you won’t find the charging port. A simple slide of the tailcap (endcap) will reveal it. A full charge is accomplished in as little as 2.5 hours.

Give the new NEBO 6007 REDLINE Rechargeable flashlight a hard look as a worthy addition to your lighting collection and a smart way to diversify your ability to charge and keep a light up and running. A pack of a batteries can be easy to forget but a charger in a couple key locations could be the difference between light and dark.