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Rocky softshell

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Welcome to the Thursday post. Assuming you stop by the blog everyday, I do more assuming and guess that by Thursday your interest is waning. If you’re not here often then I’ll simply advise that I usually save my “better content” for Monday, Wed, Friday.

These choices are mostly based on how I feel about the product or the day and more importantly, how much I know about it about it. My goal here isn’t just to fill a page with text. I know how many blogs there are out there vying for your attention along with emails and all of the other online content you’re bombarded with daily. So let’s get to the point.

Rocky Softshell Jacket - CloseoutThe official start of Spring has come and gone and I almost believed it was here to stay. Enjoyed some nice temps over the weekend but here we are again with the word snow in the forecast. I never thought I’d be happy to see forecast temps in the mid to upper 40s.

If it doesn’t drop below that, the serious winter gear can stay in the closet. I’m more of a hooded sweatshirt kind of guy but the problem with those is that they don’t typically provide any sort of water resistance and wind resistance can be quite questionable as well. I need more jackets.

This Rocky Softshell Jacket is outstandingly comfortable to wear, lightweight and fits in a very relaxed, comfortable manner. It has been fashioned out of a blend of polyester and fleece.

Better still, it’s on Closeout for a mere $34.99. I scrolled past it in our Closeout Section for weeks before taking a closer look and realizing it’s a really nice jacket. Did I mention it’s waterproof? With a clean, subtle design it will be fitting for any number of settings or occasions.

You will be pleased with the cuffs, because they can be adjusted to fit you properly. The front zipper allows you to control how much air flows into this jacket and provides you with easy access to the clothing that is layered underneath.

One customer review mentions needing another layer once temps hit 30 degrees. That’s sounds perfect to me. A nice waterproof layer to fight moisture backed with warm, comfortable fleece and I’ll be looking good and feeling good in the mid to upper 40s with just this softshell.

Zippered pockets are also beneficial to have (there’s 3), because you are able to store your belongings without the risk of losing them throughout the day. A chest pocket is always a handy spot for a cellphone to keep it easily within reach and not buried in a pant’s pocket where it might get damaged.

I don’t know where else you’ll find such a slick looking, waterproof softshell jacket for under $35. If you’re interested visit the item page and be sure to scroll down to the buyer reviews. They’re another reason I decided this Rocky Softshell Jacket deserved a spot on the blog.