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scaled down assault

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If you own a so called “3-Day Assault Pack” then you already know what you’ve gotten yourself into. If you don’t have one, I don’t mean anything bad by that. This style and size of pack seems to be rather popular.

You might also hear them called 72 hour packs which I hope is pretty self explanatory. I own a couple of so called 24 hour packs and have only managed to stuff those full when traveling and loading them up mostly with clothing.

Long story short, a 72 hour pack is pretty hefty so unless you know you’ll be out hoofing around that long or you plan to load it and leave it, consider those little tidbits before you decide you need a 3-Day pack.

If you still want some heft, then consider something similar but scaled down a good bit. The Condor Convoy Outdoor Pack was designed with the thought that people would rise to the challenge to do more with less.

What Condor decided to do was take the [125] 3-Day Assault Pack, one of their best sellers, scale it down and make it so that it would be functional enough to get your through whatever adventure you took it on. That is so long as your adventure isn’t a three days or more.

The Convoy features five compartments designed to organize and hold all your essentials. Let’s see if we can account for five:

  • Main Compartment contains a padded sleeve for tablets or 13″/15″ laptop and two mesh pockets
  • Top Front compartment contains an organizer.
  • Bottom Front compartment contains mesh pockets for additional utilities/peripherals.
  • Two side pockets compartments are perfect for 16fl oz water bottles or any quick access gadgets

If you’d rather not stow water in those side pockets (gadgets and/or food sounds better) that’s no problem because you can still say hydrated as Condor indicates the pack is hydration pouch compatible. A customer review confirms he was able to  fit a 2.5 liter bladder in his pack.

After that there isn’t a whole lot more to say except that you should check out our other user reviews (scroll down) and if you have a question, ask. For now a little video evidence: